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10 Ways to Use a Security Camera


With the creation of new things everyday, there’s a virtually infinite number of opportunities for innovation. We are able to take things and find more uses for them; more than what they were originally intended for. For example, we’re all familiar with the primary use of a security camera being to monitor an area while you’re either home or away. But as we know, there are various alterantive uses and applications for security cameras.

When considering a security camera and weighing your options, it’s important to know all the types that are available. Depending on your specific needs, they can differ in size, purpose, technology, price and quality. Below are a few examples of the different features offered:

  • Shape: Security cameras can be built to fit a variety of spaces. A few shapes they can be found in is bullet, cylinder and dome-shaped.
  • Purpose: They can be used to monitor indoor and outdoor areas. Some can include day/night vision, infrared vision, and motion detection.
  • Features: Every camera comes with a set of features that can range from a standard camera that does not move or cameras that can tilt, zoom and change direction. Other features that can be included is wireless, motion detection or weatherproof.
  • Quality: This is an important aspect to examine before purchasing when dealing with you or your family’s safety. A camera’s video and picture can be standard or high-definition. Like any other thing, increased quality means an increase in price.

Whether you’re using a security camera in the traditional sense or looking for ways to expand its use, here are 10 ways a security camera can be used:

  1. Surveillance: It’s almost impossible to effectively monitor more than one thing at once. Placing a security camera at the entrance of your home or business, within range of your restaurant’s POS machines, or above the product line at a factory can help catch the things the human eye can sometimes miss.
  2. Hospitals: Security cameras in hospitals can be extremely beneficial for tracking patient and visitor behaviors.
  3. Wild Life: We can’t always be around to catch changes that occur out in our natural environment. Night Vision and Infrared Cameras can be used out in wild life to capture and study the pattern and behavior of plants and animals.
  4. Family: Home security cameras can play a critical role in your everyday schedule. Through camera monitoring its possible to have an eye on your home the entire time you’re away. Check in on a loved one or visits from guests while you’re at work or running errands.
  5. Malls: Mall security is important for preventing anti-theft crimes. Security cameras can help pick up on suspicious behavior to help catch a potential threat before it even happens.
  6. Casino: Any place where large amounts of money and people are at, is a place that runs high for criminal activity to take place. Security cameras help casinos run more smoothly by monitoring gamblers and the constant crowd.
  7. Pets: If you’re a pet owner you know that returning home after a long day of work to a completely destroyed home is anything but enjoyable. Security cameras can help prevent that mess by tracking your pet’s behavior while you’re gone.
  8. Save a few bucks: Have you ever left home in a rush and forgot to shut off a couple lights or turn off the air conditioner? Installing a Security camera that’s connected to a home automation system allows you to save a few bucks with only a click of a button.
  9. Investigation: Security cameras can also capture evidence to help a criminal investigation. If your home is damaged or a suspicious person is lurking around your property, a security system can capture it all.
  10. Security: The final use for a security camera is of course general safety. Security cameras can help prevent a dangerous incident from occurring or even provide evidence after an incident has taken place. Whether it’s at a home or business, security is needed to ensure you and the people you care about are always protected.

A security camera is a tool that offers a wide range of uses. Even if you stick to using your home or business security camera for its general purpose, make sure to look into all the diverse features a security system has to offer so it can be utilized to better suit you and your families needs.

About The Author

Tim Sistrunk writes for Ultimate Technology & Security Solutions, a Columbus, Ohio security company serving the needs of Central Ohio homeowners and business professinals since 2002.