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4 Reasons Hormone Replacement Therapy Works

Menopause can be a difficult period in a woman’s life, during which the hormonal balance is disturbed, forming conditions for vascular, psycho-emotional, and genital disorders, and in addition, increasing the risk of osteoporosis and cardiovascular system diseases. However, hormonal balance disorder can appear not only in menopause period, and it is also important to note it can also be a problem for men.

In men, after 40 years, there occur hormonal changes, significantly suppressing the physical, sexual, and mental abilities. It is manifested typically in abdominal obesity and a decrease in muscle mass. In the worst situations, it can even lead to depression.

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is recommended in both cases, but they are different for men and for women, because of gender specifics. Generally, when referring to HRT, we have in mind the treatment for menopause symptoms, so, as a woman, you should know the 4 reasons why hormone replacement therapy works:

It greatly reduces menopause symptoms

Hormone replacement therapy is a treatment aimed at replacing, as the name suggests, the missing hormones in the body. After the restoration of hormone levels, menopause symptoms quickly disappear. Furthermore, HRT prevents the development of long-term consequences of menopause, such as osteoporosis and cardiovascular diseases.

It is better to start the therapy as early as possible: when the first symptoms of menopause appear. To reduce the early symptoms, it is enough to take HRT for two years. However, for the prevention of osteoporosis, HRT can be used for at least 5-10 years after menopause.


It can significantly reduce the number of deaths

It is not an exaggeration that hormone replacement therapy prevented many deaths. According to a medical study, estrogen avoidance increased the number of deaths in women by approximately 50 000. Estrogen is an important body hormone for optimal functioning. As reported by both Time Magazine and Forbes, anywhere from 18 600 to 91 600 women may have died prematurely during the menopause period over the last 10 years because of not using estrogen replacement.

Statistics show HRT greatly reduces menopause complications

As mentioned above, during menopause period there is higher probability of terrible complications like osteoporosis and cardiovascular diseases. So, to make sure that hormone replacement therapy actually works, you can simply watch statistics.

The high efficiency of HRT in the treatment and prevention of complications arising in the postmenopausal period are proved by the results of many large-scale studies, which show that the risk of myocardial infarction with HRT is reduced by 30-35%, the heart stroke by 40-45%, and hip fractures by more than 50% (Rozenbaum H., 1996).

Besides Estrogen, Progesterone also shows positive effects

Unlike estrogen replacement therapy alone, HRT is a combination of estrogen and progesterone. Progesterone in HRT is important because it prevents the uncontrolled growth and accumulation of cells in the Endometrium (which occurs when you take only estrogen), and it significantly reduces and may even eliminate the risk of uterine cancer in women who take only estrogen.

If you have decided to use such a treatment, don’t forget to consult your physician!