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5 Benefits of Handmade Soaps

Not all soaps are the same.

There are two major types: commercial and handmade soaps. How they’re made and the ingredients used are very different for each type of soap.

As a chemical engineer who has been making soaps at Caribbean Soaps for over 17 years, I carefully choose what ingredients will be used in our products to ensure they are safe and gentle.

For this reason, handmade soaps are a more natural alternative for your cleansing your skin.


1. Great for your Skin

Natural soap will moisturize your skin. In many of our soaps, we add  extra oils and butters, like shea and cocoa butters, to leave the skin extra moisturized. They won’t dry out your skin or cause any irritation as all of the ingredients are gentle and safe on the skin.

In addition, all handmade soaps contain glycerin.  Glycerin is naturally created  during the soap making process.  It’s very beneficial as it draws moisture from the air to your skin.  It is removed and sold in commercial soaps for it’s high value.

All of our soaps are enriched with Vitamin E. This vitamin will neutralize free radicals which may lead to wrinkles and moisturize your skin.  It has anti-inflammatory properties which will help with redness and itchy skin.

2. Better Ingredients

The skin absorbs many of the ingredients you apply to it and for this reason  you have to look carefully  at the ingredient list.  Better ingredients are used  in artisanal soaps than commercial soaps.   Commercial soaps are manufactured with animal lard or synthetic detergents.  For many, they’re not even called soaps but “beauty bars”.

Only  vegetable oils are used in our recipe.   The recipe includes the nutritious olive, coconut, soy and palm oils that although more expensive are better for your skin. They soften and moisturize the skin and are less likely to cause allergies.

We use Puerto Rican ingredients such as fresh aloe, coconut, honey, sea salt and  coffee.

Aloe:  We grow our fresh Caribbean aloe in our property. and it in our Aloe soap and Tea Tree & Aloe soap. It provides healing properties and is very good for sensitive skin.
Sea Salt: We source our sea salt in Cabo Rojo to add to our Oceano soap and Bath Salts. We love that salt for its purity, just salt and nothing added ingredient.
Coffee: Puerto Rican coffee is present in the popular Coffee Soap and Scrub. Not only for its delicious aroma but for its exfoliating properties and its caffeine content which is excellent for toning the skin.

All natural coffee scrub with sea salt and coconut oil made in Puerto Rico


  1. Natural Fragrances

Natural extracts are used for the aroma of most of our soaps. The extract is called essential oil.  Commercial soaps do not use it because of its higher cost.

But, by using essential oils, they add a therapeutic value to soap.  For example, the Lavender soap helps you relax, relieve stress and insomnia. Lemongrass soap is energizing and perfect to start the day.
Depending on your need, there is a soap for you!

4. Artisanal

We use the traditional  artisanal, or handmade, method to make handmade soaps, as our great grandmothers did. The process is called saponification. Soap is formed by blending vegetable oils with lye.  After 24 hours, we take it out of the mold, cut it and let it dry for 3-4 weeks. Then, we pack and label them. Everything handmade in Puerto Rico !
Our 17-year-old recipe ensures a soap that leaves the skin soft, with generous lather and long lasting soap.

5. Local Benefit

By purchasing our products you support our community. Local businesses return a large portion of their sales back to the local economy Healthy small businesses will be  the key for the  economic recovery of Puerto Rico.


But why don’t you try a natural handmade soap  and decide for yourself? You will see how the skin feels and you will not go back to commercial soaps again!

You can shop online the best Puerto Rican handmade soaps at Caribbean Soaps.