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5 Secrets to Looking Your Best for a Fitness Photo Shoot

Research online and see which poses appeal to you or suit your body.


Practice your poses in front of a mirror, or with someone you trust – especially if they’ve done a shoot before.


Don’t be too obvious. Get a range of shots that will show off your physique, but leave a bit of time for a few more creative poses too.


Secret 5: Pump – but not too much

You’re going to want your muscles to look the absolute best, and that means getting a good pump.


Work out a short routine you can do in the studio using your own body weight, and take a couple of small dumbbells along so you can work all your muscle groups.

Do high reps with short rests using a lower weight so you don’t get too tired, or too sweaty.

Remember – you’ve worked hard to get the great body you have, and you worked hard to pay for your shoot. Putting a little extra work into being ready will mean you feel proud of your performance on the day. Take a look at some great fitness photography to get inspired to do your best, and to get the best out of your photographer.

Now relax and enjoy your shoot. You’ve earned it!