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5 Tips for Proper Floor and Tile Cleaning

The part of your home that gets the messiest the fastest is your floor, especially tile floor – whether it’s dirt being tracked into your house by pets, or the kitchen floor that gets regular spills and food dropped on it, tile cleaning is usually going to be a weekly job that must be done.

Over time, even if you keep up with it, your floor can get dirtier and dirtier if not cleaned properly. There are techniques out there that will help keep it extra clean, including using homemade tile and grout cleaners. Here’s a list of ways you can get your San Antonio floors looking and feeling cleaner than ever before.



Sometimes a buildup of wax can create a yellow film on top of your floor. If you mix a cup of ammonia into ½ gallon of water, you’ll have a mixture that can take care of that yellow film. Leave it on the floor for five minutes, and then use a scouring pad to scrub up the old wax. Wipe it away and rinse and your floors will look as good as new. For tile cleaning in the bathroom, tile and grout cleaning companies might tell you to use just ¼ cup of ammonia along with 1 gallon of water and you’ll have created one of the best tile floor cleaners. Just use a sponge to wipe it down and you’ll have shiny floors in no time.


Lighter Fluid

This one may sound strange, but that’s only because it is. If you have black scuff marks from shoes and heels all over your floor, you can apply some lighter fluid to a rag or a paper towel and rub it over the scuff. Those marks should come right off with little trouble. Just don’t hold the wet cloth near a lit element.



Yes, tea is one of the best cleaners for wood floors. It needs to be brewed, then let it cool. Use a cloth, and get it slightly damp. Usually this is done best by dipping it in the tea, then wringing it out. It will remove grime and sticky spots that are difficult to get by mopping. Afterwards, use a clean dry cloth to buff it.



Vinegar is not just one of the most powerful tile floor cleaners; it’s simply one of the most powerful cleaners, period. It works great for soap scum and water spots. Tile and grout cleaning companies perhaps don’t want you to know that using a mixture of ½ cup of vinegar with ½ cup ammonia, ¼ cup borax all poured into a single gallon of warm water create a powerful cleaning solution. Spray it on trouble spots and let it sit. Then wipe it up with a damp cloth and let it air dry. It will clean and disinfect.



This one goes with lighter fluid in the weird hall of fame for floor cleaners. If you’re finished with tile cleaning, you may have to move on to hardwood floor cleaning. Sometimes, after a new application of polyurethane, a wood floor looks shinier than you might like it. It can create a glare that can be unpleasant. Surprisingly, using WD-40 applied to a soft cloth can help cut the glare and lessen the shine to a more pleasing level.

With these helpful tips, there’s no good reason that your San Antonio floors should ever be dirty again.