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5 Useful Tips for Keeping the Office Clean

Office is a very important place for business purpose, especially to your clients. A clean and neat office says a lot about how you run your business. If you can keep your “own house” in order, it means that you have a great system to run your business, hence clients feel more assured entrusting their business needs to you. A clean office also helps internally, enhancing productivity of the staff. With a clutter free and fresh smelling office, staff’s mood are better and indirectly helps in their productivity. With less germs and bacteria in office, they will also be less susceptible to sickness and hence has an indirect benefit in reducing the company’s medical bills and hassle of reshuffling duties to stand in for the sick employee.


With the benefits of a clean office listed above, any business owner and employees must take note of the below cleaning tips in addition to enlisting professional companies’ cleaning services for office, to ensure that the office is kept in hygienic and litter-free condition.


  1. Ensure litter bins are emptied frequently
    Waste found in the litter bins breed germs and pests. It is very conducive for bacteria to thrive and pests to rummage the bins for food. Hence, the business owner and staff must ensure that they empty the litter bins frequently to prevent the bins from forming into a breeding ground.
  2. Have proper filing system

If not managed properly, paperwork tend to pile up easily and create a mess at your desk. Not only will your work be affected, as you may not be able to find the document that you need amidst the pile, it will also affect your mood, as you see the clutter and huge pile towering over you.


Therefore, by having a proper filing system, you will be able to ensure that your desk will not be messed up by the huge chunks of documents. You will also be having a more stress free working environment, as you are able to find your documents easily.


  1. Have only the essentials at the working desk

A desk cluttered with lots of items and paper not only attract bacteria and dirt, but also affect productivity. Hence, it is pertinent to ensure that only the essentials are displayed on the working desk, to keep items on the desk at a minimum. Do try to cultivate a habit to keep things or files that you have already worked on and no longer need them for the time being. This will definitely ensure that you only have what you need at the desk, ensuring a clean and tidy desk.

  1. Consume food only at the pantry

As food attracts pests and germs, it is advisable not to eat at desk, but at the pantry. It is also a good way to make the employees stay healthy by walking and stretching a bit by going to the pantry to enjoy their snacks or lunch.




  1. Have cleaning tools and disinfectant in the office

Though most companies have office cleaners who drop by their office regularly to clean their office, to keep it spick and span. Office owners should still keep stock of some cleaning essentials like mop, cleaning cloth and some relevant disinfectant and cleaning liquids. This is to handle some unforeseen situations that require you to clean the office, before the cleaners come in.