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A professional decorator gives you inspiration for Mother’s Day painting.


I suppose it could be a parable of our times: some time ago, I was contacted by an elderly woman who wanted a cake decorated for her grandson. She had typed “Worcester Decorators” into Google, and had someone stumbled across my site.


I had to very politely explain to her that I was a painter and decorator who specialised more in walls than in cakes, but, not liking to refuse any client, I did jokingly suggest to her that I might be able to help. Would she like white emulsion and a matte finish, or perhaps some heavy duty plaster to give it some support?


We shared a pleasant laugh at the confusion, yet it does go to show what can happen if you don’t specify what you search for properly. But the incident got me thinking all the same: I have been a decorator plying my trade in Worcester for more decades. In that time, the business has grown and me and my small team have painted everything from walls, ceilings, stairways and windows and everything in between and above and beyond.


But, spurred by my conversation, why shouldn’t I indulge it in a little publicity? With Mother’s Day upon us, it seemed silly to let such an occasion pass and so me and the team at Worcester Decorators decided to spare an afternoon having a chin-wag about what painting and decorating activities you could get up to this Sunday. Surely, we thought, as seasoned decorators, we should be able to come up with a few cracking ideas?


We restricted our ideas to the painting variety – after all, that is our most common medium, and picked three of the best to get you inspired:


As Mother’s Day is a springtime date, there are fewer things more appropriate than bulbs presented in a hand painted flower pot. Stencils are available that will allow you to decorate the pots with flowery patterns. Offered with a flowering hyacinth or daffodil, they make the ideal gift.


Hand print paintings are also extremely simple and effective, and there are some fascinating examples to be found on the web: simply put paint over you hand and wrist, slap it down onto card, and then decorate the dried result. With five fingers, paint and card, you can manage to create 4 legs and a neck or tail of sorts. Giraffes, elephants, goats, and probably a few chimeras, can all be painted – but experiment with this and see what you can make.


Finally, there is the simple card that no Mother’s Day could do without. Keep it with the brilliant colours of spring and you can’t go wrong to provoke a thankful smile. Plus it’s always better to have actually designed the card yourself rather than plucked it from a shop shelf with a mere moment’s thought.


As a local outfit, Worcester Decorators would also like to point out what is going on this weekend as well:


Webb Garden Centre at Wychbold is having a Mother’s Day creative workshop, on March 5th.


Cob House in Worcestershire is putting on a special lunch menu for Mother’s Day.


The Jinney Ring Craft Centre in Hanbury is having a Mothering Sunday breakfast .