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Aadhar holders will reach one billion at the end of this year.

New Delhi: The Concept of Unique identity for residents of India is hitting new record. The people has liked and appreciated this government initiative that is why it is expected that the figures of total aadhar card holder will cross the milestone of one billion.

The idea of bio-metric linked unique identity proof was first time generated in the regime of UPA government. The idea was introduced to the government by Nandan Nilekani, the former CEO of India’s second largest IT firm, Infosys Ltd. Congress led ruling government liked the idea of Aadhar card very much and gave Nandan the charge of bringing his own idea on the grounds of reality. They left his post of CEO and appointed as the chairman of Unique Identity Authority of India (UIDAI). But soon he left this post also to come in political field. But his Idea has created new revolution in the country. Government had issued various schemes in which the residents can get directly benefitted if they link their accounts and other documents with Aadhar card.

This project got a overwhelming response from the people’s end. Within just five years this project has shown a tremendous growth. In was started back in 2009 and according to the claim of regulatory authority by the end of this year total number of Aadhar card will reach one billion.

The basic idea behind introduction of Aadhar card was to provide every resident a unique identification and to prepare the database of bio-metric record of the people who enrol themselves for Aadhar card. Today to Get Aadhar card or UID has developed as primary identity as well address proof. The government has kept the application process very simple in order to promote the initiative.

Introduction of Aadhar card has made things easier both people’s as well as government’s end. Now government can provide the subsidies to the consumers directly. Government has also encouraged people to link their bank accounts to Aadhar card. This linking facility has helped the hard holders, now hey can access their banks with the help of their aadhar cards. If we see the latest stats, out of 730 million aadhar card holders, 130 million have linked their card with the bank accounts to avail the facilities like subsidy on LPG cylinders. Yoy never know what this fusion of technology with governance can deliver us.

The government has started this project on the trail basis but looking the huge success of the project government is planning to introduce new innovative challenges with aadhar card. The government is linking the Aadhar card with others fields like Education, Medical, hospitality and agriculture. Government can also expand the scope of aadhar card by linking it with smart phones. This one card will be the key for every lock.