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Advice for the Stylish and Creative Bride

Of late, brides are embracing a new trend. They are of the opinion that color and art is important to them and as such need incorporation into their weddings. Indeed, there is no need to limit yourself to white when there are more than 100 colors for bridesmaids choices. If you want your wedding to be stunning, you need to consider this option. For brides who consider comfort is in color, they should take advantage of these many colors available.

When it comes to color, choosing the right color is important. You want eccentric and elegant at the same time without compromising the touch of class. There is also the need for style meets creativity. If this is your vision, consider the following:

The season

As a bride, you do not want the headache of looking for colors that are not on season. This will definitely make life difficult. You need to choose colors that are in season so that the flowers and other matching wedding necessities will be easily available. Brides who want to get married during the spring should go for different shades of blue and pink. Summer brides can go for deeper shades of lilac and pinks. Yellow, gold and orange are perfect for the fall. If you want something bold, then you must be a winter bride. You can do plenty of deep red and other metallic colors.


This is great for the bride who does not want to be so obvious with her choice of colors. If this is you, go for faint colors. Some best choices include light blue and very pale pink.


Themed weddings are very trendy because they allow a touch of class. People appreciate effort when they see it. This themed color wedding consists of themes that remind people of a place, a time or a season. For the beach wedding, the colors can be a mixture of gold and cream, sea blue or green. Christmas wedding themes have emerald green and ruby red colors.

Shades and prints

If you have a favorite color, you can consider a dress that has different shades of this color. This is very awesome for the bride who does not want one single bold color. For the bride that loves prints, you may need to convert a printed dress to a wedding gown. This is perfect for beach or garden weddings. The best thing about this option is the fact that you still maintain your uniqueness.

Color can definitely be a blessing as well as a curse. You do not want to have so many colors that do not complement one another. You do not want to give your audience a headache and the haters a laugh factory. Do plenty of research on colors. Find out which colors match together. If you are looking for boldness and contrast, choose colors that bring out these features. Take advantage of information from experts from ArtWeddings. With this information, you will definitely look back on and remember your wedding day with a smile on your face.