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All the best FREQS are here

If you visit the Indiegogo crowd-funding website today you can find an interesting new project called FREQS. They offer a platform for musicians that gives them an opportunity to have their music heard far and wide with no cost involved, and the musicians keep the vast majority of the profits from their sales.

This was of particular interest to me, as I personally know quite a few musicians with amazing and unique talent that just can’t seem to make it work with the tools that are out there today. So I was curious to hear more about it and called up their founder Asi Tal and met with him last week.


So Asi, what gave you the idea for FREQS?

As a musician, I’ve experienced the difficulties in the way to success. As an artist, I know how important it is to be able to give full attention to the music I make. I found it takes a lot more than just writing and recording good music to succeed.


Like what?

Well for starters, even though it’s fairly simple to upload music to different platforms and make it available for purchase, it just isn’t enough. It takes a lot of work and connections to get your music even noticed, and this comes with a large investment of time and money.


I understand that FREQS is a music shop, record label and promotions agency all in one place?

Exactly! There are lots of extremely talented musicians all over the world creating awesome music that no one has heard about. They’ve recorded demos of their art that can be perfect for a computer game or TV commercial, even a film. We give them the opportunity to sell their music, retaining 70% of all sales. We wish to help our artists develop and believe that there’s real talent that can go a long way with our help. Once a year we choose artists and produce an entire album for them, covering all expenses and costs involved and giving it the promotion it needs so rare talents from all genres can get the recognition they really deserve. Our crew is constantly keeping up to date with our artists and their releases so we can make sure that true talent is not wasted and will be noticed by the right people.


So, your vision is to create a platform for talented musicians all across the globe to help them create music and promote it?

Yes, that’s exactly what we are doing. Encouraging artists to create and be heard. All those supporting our Indiegogo campaign now share our vision. Even a small donation of $1 or $5 is making a statement that you too believe musicians deserve an opportunity to succeed on their musical talent alone.


So how do you help artists get their music out there?

FREQS constantly works to ensure that recordings are offered to producers of music, television shows and commercials, films, social events, theatre performances, to computer programmers, basically anyone who can take interest. Our team is busy listening to any music uploaded on our platform and offers it to the relevant parties. Naturally, the music on FREQS is available to the general public as well. It’s also important to mention that all music featured on our site is royalty-free, and this results in an increase of interest in purchasing it.


Royalty-free? What does that mean?

Well, normally when a music recording is sold there is a fee paid for every time it’s used. Royalty-free means there’s just a one-time fee to be paid when buying the recording, after which the client can use what he bought without needing to pay future fees.


How is this profitable for the artists?

First of all, it increases the sales immensely. Also, instead of waiting for the music to be used (and this will often take some time) to get most of the profits, here the artist will receive the earnings from the sale of their music up-front. What’s more, FREQS gives the artists 70% of the income right away, and they can cash out any time they like.


70% ? That’s the highest offered anywhere in the industry!

Correct. FREQS is about supporting the music and the artists that create it. I believe that music is the magic of our world, the universal language that brings us all together. We want to encourage talent and create a reality where the best musicians will need to do nothing more but make music. I know how important this is firsthand as I was a struggling musician myself once and had to work all kinds of jobs just to get by, when all I wanted to do is create.


How is your music shop different from iTunes or other online music shops?


FREQS has a wider customer base – not just the general public, but we specifically target outlets for music that is made for films, TV commercials, computer games, etc.. Music featured on our site can go to video editors, presentations, even people who wish to make a family film. We do not have an entry committee or a long procedure to open an account with us. We have a user-friendly interface that allows just about anyone to open an account with us and upload their music. I’ll also mention that the music uploaded needs to meet high standards that are essential to our organization and what we want to sell to our customers.

Also, when you sell music on iTunes (for instance) it’s impossible to tell what you sold, to whom and how much – you are dependent on reports with no way of telling their accuracy.

FREQS features a Live Sales Monitor that’s immediately updated with every sale made, keeping a detailed history of all activity. Our musicians are able to cash out their balance at any time they desire.

We are in constant touch with our leading artists, promoting them and their music wherever relevant and producing albums for the selected ones on an annual basis.



You mentioned that you promote the artists themselves, not just the music released, and so open a door to job opportunities for the members of FREQS. How does this work?

Yes, this is part of what we do to support our artists. Since our team is frequently in touch with potential customers including film-makers, the television industry, computer-game programmers and event producers, we are able to offer them music that will be of specific interest to them.


Is there a way for potential customers to contact your musicians directly with job offers?

We give our members the option of joining FREQS-PRO so they can be contacted directly by clients, without our mediation. Joining FREQS-PRO also opens a door for clients to order custom-made music to fit their needs directly from the artist!


Ok, so regular membership in FREQS comes at no cost, but what about FREQS-PRO?

FREQS-PRO membership is a mere $1.99 per month, however it’s now free for supporters of our cause though our Indiegogo kick-starter campaign.

Just click on the link below to get to know us a little better. We hope you choose to take part in our endeavor to bring the music industry to new levels and offer the world a variety of music that has not been heard until now! Check it out right now at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/freqs-sell-your-music–2/x/10380088#/story.