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Auto Insurance Coverage from Central Mutual Insurance Company

Central Insurance Company, also popular as Central Mutual Insurance or Central Insurance, is properly and casualty insurance provider that offers auto, home, and business insurance policies. Starting the company in 1876, it has now underwritten more than 328,000 policies for consumers in 19 states. One thing that separates Central from many other companies is the fact that it does all the underwriting processes with independent insurance agents. All consumers purchase the policy with help from their independent agents, making the process and procedures more transparent. Central Insurance does not work with or hire captive agents to persuade potential consumers to purchase any of the company’s insurance products.


One of the complete protections available from the company comes in the form of auto policy. It has a long list of endorsements and optional coverage to deliver an all-in-one financial protection concerning your vehicles including boats, recreational vehicles, snowmobiles, motor homes, classic & antique cars, golf carts, and utility trailers. The policy for auto coverage by Central Insurance is available in three major packages: Personal Auto Policy, Auto Plus Endorsement, and Summit Auto Policy. Separate policies for boats and personal umbrella are available as well. Additional coverage for vehicles other than cars also exists.


Personal Auto Policy


This is the simplest auto policy that includes basic types of coverage such as Liability, Medical Payments, Comprehensive, and financial protection in the event of an accident involving drivers who have no insurance. The biggest challenge with basic auto policy is the state’s minimum coverage requirements. Every state has different rules concerning insurance, the minimum coverage requirement varies, and this is where the independent agent comes in. An independent agent is a legal representative of a consumer. An agent understands how insurance works, the rules depending on the state, and all options or discounts for which the customer is eligible. Working with independent agents minimizes the possibility of making mistakes when purchasing.


Auto Plus Endorsement


All types of coverage you can find from Personal Auto Policy are available in the Auto Plus Endorsement package, but it adds several additional protections including:


  • Towing and Labor: up to $100 coverage of towing & labor in case your car breaks down on the road.
  • Hit and Run: when someone drives into your vehicle when it is not moving, there will be no deductible necessary to claim for collision coverage.
  • Medical Payment: the basic $5,000 of medical payment limit becomes $10,000


Summit Auto Policy


A complete range of financial protection for auto policy by Central Mutual Insurance is available from Summit Auto Policy. It covers all kind of protection you get from both Personal Auto and Auto Plus, but there are more protections available:


  • Repair and Replacement Coverage: in the event of a collision with another vehicle while you are driving a car that you’ve owned for less than a year, the coverage will pay the total cost of repair or even replacement.
  • Windshield Protection: damages to windshield due to falling objects are nobody’s mistakes. They are accidents, and Central Insurance will pay the cost of a repair without a deductible.
  • Rental Car Coverage: in case you are driving a rental car and get into accidents in which you are not at fault, Central Mutual Insurance protects you from having to pay fines to the car rental Summit coverage provides up to $1,000 to cover the loss of use.

Apart from the above coverage, Summit Auto Policy has more additional benefits as follows:


– Lockout coverage                                                        – Excess electronic equipment coverage

– Personal effects coverage                      – Transportation expenses coverage

– Air bag replacement coverage                – Auto loan/lease gap coverage

– Pet injury coverage                                                      – Towing and labor coverage

– Child safety seat coverage                                           – Waiver of deductible on certain other than collision and collision losses

– Automobile death benefit                                            – Fire, police, rescue squad and ambulance service charge coverage

– Non-moving collision coverage             – Twice the amount of medical payment coverage


Boat owner’s Insurance


Boatowner has different insurance perils from ground vehicles owners. Protections from Boatowner’s Insurance by Central Insurance cover the boat, trailer, motor, and accessories. Liability coverage to cover losses to others while you’re operating your boat is also available. Common perils that every boat owner has are:


– Explosion                                                                                                                                      – Sinking

– Stranding                                                                                                                                      – Fire

– Lightning                                                                                                                                      – Windstorm

– Vandalism                                                                                                                                     – Theft

– Collision during loading, unloading, or launching                            – Highway collision


Boatowner’s Insurance Liability Coverage gives protections to cover losses to others that may include bodily injury and property damage. Medical payment coverage is optional; if you purchase it, the protection applies to every person aboard the boat including skiers who suffer from injuries. Similar to auto policy, Boatowner’s Insurance also has Summit Policy to add some endorsements as follows:


  • Emergency Service Coverage of up to $1,000
  • Personal Effects Coverage of up to $1,500
  • Physical Damage as a result of animals
  • Physical Damage coverage for Substitute boats
  • Coverage for boats you do not own of up to $10,000


Umbrella Coverage


The standard personal umbrella policy gives liability protection of $1 million or more. Summit Umbrella gives even more including Claim Expense or Loss Earning Coverage with up to $1,000 every day during claim investigation, Loss of Use of Rental Car with up to $1,000 limit, and Loss Assessment Liability Coverage with up to $100,000 limit.


Additional Auto Coverage


For vehicles other than boat and car, Central Insurance offers unique protections. Types of vehicles eligible for the coverage are:


– Motorhomes                                                                 – Snowmobiles

– Recreational Trailers                              – Utility Trailers

– Golf Carts                                              – Classic and Antique Cars