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Best dentist in Saint-joseph-du-lac

If you live in the Laurentides region of Quebec and are in need of a dentist for yourself or a member of your family look no further.   The VIVA Dental Center in Saint-Joseph-du-Lac offers care for your whole family, including children.


We hope that you are looking for a dentist before you really need one, but if you have a dental emergency our dentist can help.  Most dental emergencies happen due to an accident that knocks out a tooth or breaks a tooth.  If you have the tooth, rinse it lightly in plain water, no rubbing, to get dirt off.  Then place it back into your mouth or into a glass of cold water or milk.


You may be worried about your children seeing a dentist.  Will that person be gentle and understanding?  At dentiste saint-joseph-du-lac our entire staff will take special care of your little one.  Maintaining a positive relationship with a dentist throughout your life is important and we want it to start when a child is young, around the age of 3.  Try not to allow yourself to become anxious about the first dental visit as your child will pick up on your anxiety and become anxious themselves.  Instead, be calm and let our staff explain each step in words they will understand.  We will examine their teeth and if the child permits we will clean their teeth as well.  If the child is not willing to allow a dental cleaning at their first visit we will not demand it.  Instead we will set another appointment for a cleaning in the near future.


As children get older they may need orthodontic care for their teeth to correct improper tooth position or even change the jaw to better accommodate the teeth.  The VIVA Dental Center offers orthodontic care for both functional and aesthetic problems.  Your child’s dentist will evaluate position of both teeth and jaws as your child grows so that treatment can be started early.  This early treatment can help avoid more extensive treatments later in life.


If you did not have orthodontic care when younger you may find that you need teeth realigned as an adult.  Dentiste saint-joseph-du-lac offers Invisalign braces which are removable and transparent.  If there is a special occasion at which you would prefer not to wear the aligners you can remove the aligners, then place them back on later.  Invisalign also allows for easy cleaning of teeth since you can remove the aligners, brush and floss, then re-place them.


Sometimes teeth do not last a lifetime.  When this happens you may need full dentures, partial dentures, or implants, depending on the extent of tooth loss and damage.  Our staff is expert in giving you back the smile you want while maintaining good dental function.  Our denture specialist will assess your needs carefully then propose the best solution.  Whether you need a full set of dentures or a single tooth replaced by an implant VIVA Dental can help meet your needs.


Today, cosmetic dentistry is important to many people.  We offer many different items from whitening treatments or veneers to more extensive dental reconstruction.  Using ZOOM Whitening! you can have whiter teeth in just one visit.  If you are interested in dental jewelry we offer various options that will add glamour without damaging teeth.


VIVA Dental Centers offer many different services to meet the needs of the entire family.  No need to travel to a major city for care.  Make your appointment today!