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Botox to Smooth Out Your Life

As we get older we get tiny lines and wrinkles on our face. It doesn’t matter how much face cream we apply, they’re never going away. Botox treatment is a simple way to smooth down these lines. It can be done in one short visit to the Ochs Dermatology Clinic, along with one of the many other procedures offered for beauty and health.


No matter how much cream you smear on your face each night, it really doesn’t have much effect on preventing wrinkles. It can make your skin feel smoother, but cream can’t penetrate below the epidermis, nor do you want anything to do that, as that can leave scars.


Some men and women try not to express emotions on their face, but that isn’t any way to live. No one can keep a neutral face at all hours in the day. In fact, life would be pretty boring if we were forced to act like dolls with only one small smile on our faces all the time.


Wrinkles are often predetermined by a combination of health, genetics, and the environment we live in. Few people want to live in Florida or California only to lock themselves up inside. Enjoying sunshine makes us feel better, and gives us the vitamin D our bodies need. Yet over time sun damage can add up.


Botox is naturally derived from a botulism bacterium called Clostridium botulinum. It was unexpectedly discovered when patients who displayed symptoms of botulism poisoning would have droopy eyelids.


Of course the amount used in cosmetic treatments is safe and minute, and done in the safety of a dermatology clinic. One of the most beneficial effects to a Botox treatment is how the wrinkles and lines around eyes, forehead and lips can be smoothed down, to present a more youthful appearance.


There is only minor discomfort from the needles, which soon goes away. You won’t lose any feeling in your skin, as only a small amount of the bacterium is injected in.


The treatments do wear off, and they’ll need to be redone. You’ll need to discuss with your dermatologist, so you can have an effective schedule of Botox treatments that will keep your face looking its best.


To prepare for a Botox treatment you’ll need to show up with your face free of makeup, cosmetics, and creams. It should be freshly cleaned. Your dermatologist can then prepare for your first Botox injection treatment.


Having botox treatments will make you feel better about yourself, when you see the results. Makeup will go on more easily when frown lines and wrinkles have been smoothed out.


If you have a special occasion coming up, you may wish to consider having treatment. Be sure to allow for plenty of healing time. Your dermatologist can advise how far in advance treatments should begin and end, so you can look your best for a wedding, anniversary, vacation, or other special occasion. You’ll be pleased to see the effects that Botox can have on smoothing out your life.