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A Brief History of Olive Oil

The Olive Oil has been around for thousands of years and it has been more than just food to the Mediterranean region. Besides from being the best cooking oil, extra virgin olive oil or EVOO is used as medicinal and magical oil that has been the foundation of great power and wealth. The oil derived from the fruits of the Olive Tree has been called the “Liquid of God” in the novels written by Homer. In Spain, there is a century old saying, “Olive oil makes the pain go away”.

The Olea Europea, scientific name of the Olive Tree is a member of the family of Oleaceae along with jasmine, lilacs, and ash trees. The Olive tree originated near in Syria and in Asia Minor, in the Mediterranean basin. During the 3000BC, Olive oil is a highly prized commodity and the trade of this product was probably the source of wealth of the advanced Minoan civilization.

Over the 3000 years that followed, many different civilizations and cultures are credited for the spread of the Olive Oil tree to countries in the border and beyond the border of the Mediterranean region. The Romans, Greeks, and Phoenicians are responsible for the introduction of Olive oil in the coastal North Africa, Marseilles, Sardinia, and the rest of Gaul (France), Portugal, and Spain.

In 1492, the Olive Tree was discovered by America and cooking with olive oil became a staple. But, the cultivation of the tree has widely spread across the Mediterranean borders, to Seville, Spain and later to the American soil. Nowadays, consumers from every corners of the world recognize the health benefits that Olive oil. Some of the most expensive olive oil can be found in countries around the world.

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