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Buffer Editor – Code Editor

Buffer Editor is really a effective text and code editor that allows you easily take notes, review code or develop software on the run.

Buffer Editor enables you to hook up with a variety of remote services including Dropbox, SSH, SFTP and FTP servers.

For software designers now you must the energy of Vim in the users hand of the hands. Forget about compromises. Turn your iOS device right into a oral appliance get work done.


• Universal application for apple iphone, iPad, and ipod device touch

• Connect with Dropbox, SFTP, SSH and FTP servers

• Instantly sync files to server.

• Code Autocomplete

• Vim coding support

• Search and replace

• Unicode support

• Bluetooth keyboard support (Supports all iOS short-cut secrets)

• Preview any files based on iOS including images, Ebooks, movies and documents

• “Open in” import/export files

• Easy to customize font and font dimensions

• Multiple styles (styles include Solarized and much more)

• Syntax highlighting

• Send files by email

To determine the entire listing of features, including supported Vim instructions, check out

http://world wide web.buffereditor.com/features

For support check out http://world wide web.buffereditor.com/support

Compatible OS: iOS 7.1

Compatible Products:

ipod device 4

apple iphone 4

apple ipad 3  (Note: iPad 1 and a pair of aren’t supported!).

Get the code editor ipad here.