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Should I buy SEO services on Fiverr?

A couple of months ago I wanted to find some REAL Fiverr SEO sellers, I stumbled across many gigs some from India and some from USA and the UK. I decided to purchase gigs from sellers from all three countries, they all had Level 2 seller rating on Fiverr so I thought, why not give them a try? – Side note, I purchased around $30.00 with each seller to make this fair.

First of all, the seller from India delivered the work quicker than the rest, but it lacked quality completely. The backlinks provided were filled with spam, copy and pasted, no uniqueness to them, plus no on page optimizations were done on my website despite the seller asking for my website log in details.

Next, the fella from the USA delivered an OK piece of work, it wasn’t the greatest but it was decent enough to shift some of my rankings, no on page optimizations were done on one of the websites but positions did improve. Unfortunately the rankings did not show as they promised.

This seller on Fiverr has outstood himself, his name is Reece Larkin, and his gig page is here: https://uk.fiverr.com/reecelarkin1/help-get-your-website-page-1-on-google

This seller not only delivered first page rankings to my website but also provided excellent custom service and fast response time. This seller is what makes Fiverr great. Reece Larkin provided a full detailed report and quality backlinks, and after waiting JUST 34 days my website had ranked for half the keywords he was ranking for me, then after another 30 days the rest were ranked to the first page of Google.

I feel like Reece Larkin needs some more recognition here, he is providing REAL services that actually work. I assure you that I will be using his services more often as this is excellent value for money. Oh and Reece, if you’re reading this, thank you again!