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Can a Tulsa Injury Attorney Get Me Paid for an Oklahoma Car Wreck?

If you watch TV, you could fall for the notion that all it takes to get compensation after a car wreck is to sing an insurance company’s jingle. Auto accidents are not always so simple as the commercials would have us believe. Tulsa accident lawyers see it all the time – a person is hurt in a car wreck and they get the runaround from the companies they expect to have their back.

Several things can affect who gets compensation after a car crash in Oklahoma. Sometimes the insurance company represents both drivers. Oklahoma law regulates how insurance companies must provide the services they sell, but there is a lot of gray area. It is reasonable to assume they want to protect their company from fraud or simply keep costs in line by not paying more than they have to.

Until an Oklahoma personal injury lawyer makes a full assessment of how an accident cost a driver, the insurance company often has no way to know about those costs. The company might ask about medical bills and repair costs, but there are other costs. In Tulsa, car accident attorneys routinely conduct thorough assessments of all costs associated with an automobile or truck accident. Then the Tulsa injury attorney presents the other drivers insurance company with a demand for full compensation.

Every state has different laws about what costs are covered, about who is at fault in various personal injuries and what are the limits to how much a person can be required to pay for accidents they cause. Oklahoma tort reform laws have set high hurdles in some cases, so the help of a qualified Tulsa Okla injury lawyer is more important than ever for drivers who hope to get compensated for a car wreck that was somebody else’s fault.

Oklahoma highways transport traffic from all across the nation through wide open stretches of prairie. Accidents are not uncommon. For drivers passing through from out of state, Tulsa injury attorneys offer particular knowledge of Oklahoma personal injury law after an auto or truck accident.

If you are involved in a minor fender bender, maybe your best shot will be to settle quickly with the insurance companies. But when someone is hurt in an Oklahoma car wreck, a personal injury lawyer in Tulsa can help determine how much compensation is owed, and help make sure the responsible party pays.

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