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Can you Turn your Temporary Staffing Position into a Permanent One

If you’ve ever been unemployed, then you know that finding a job is no easy task. You spend countless hours scouring job boards and applying to positions you think you may be qualified for. They aren’t even necessarily jobs you want, but at this point you just need something that will pay the bills.  Then you spend even more time tailoring each application to the particular job you’re applying for.  Once you’ve submitted your weekly quota, the waiting game begins. The harsh reality is that most of these leads turn into nothing. There are usually hundreds of applicants for each job posted, so the chances of it turning into gainful employment are rather small. Surely there has to be a better way.


How do you stand out from everyone else, if you’re never given a chance to show the employer what you can do? The answer is simpler than you might realize. You secure a temporary staffing position.


What exactly is a Temporary Staffing Position?

A temporary staffing position exists to help companies fill work demands with temporary staff.  If a company is short staffed or is experiencing high volume, they may need to hire someone temporarily to help fill the gap. They don’t necessarily need someone full time, so they enlist the help of a temp agency to help them fill the temporary staffing position.  A temp position can last anywhere from a few days to a few months. It all depends on the employer’s needs.


How can this be of benefit to you?

If you’re struggling to find work, this may be the perfect solution for you. By registering with a temp agency in Austin you’ll have access to several temp opportunities. The temp agency will be able to help you match your skills to what employers are looking for. Even if you aren’t quite the right fit, many employers are willing to overlook that fact when it comes to temporary employment.


How can you use the situation to your advantage?

A temporary staffing position can seem daunting for some, as it may not provide the stability you are looking for. However, try to think of all the positive aspects. A temp position allows you to test drive different jobs. If you’re not sure what you want to do as a career, this provides you with an opportunity to discover things you might like. The work will be varied and you’ll likely work a few temp jobs. That means you’ll really get to know what you like and dislike. In addition, you’ll gain a ton of valuable skills that you’ll be able to add to your resume for your future job searches. The thing about temporary employment is that it’s just that: temporary. Choose to look at it as a positive experience.  Every temp job will bring you closer to the career you’ve always wanted.


Can a temp job become permanent?

A temp job can absolutely turn into something more. The employer may only need you for a few weeks for that specific job, but if you step up to the plate and make yourself invaluable, there are a few different ways the scenario could play out. For one, the employer may remember you for when an opening does become available. Alternatively, there may be another opportunity within the company that you can slide into. Or finally, they may like you so much that they decide to make room in the budget to keep you on.


Regardless of how things play out, one thing is for certain. A temporary staffing position is a great option when your job search isn’t yielding any results. You can use the experience to create future opportunities for yourself. Contact a temp agency in San Antonio today to start your temping adventure.