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Car Accident Attorney in Tulsa Explains Liability

Accidents don’t just happen. Somebody is usually responsible, especially in a car accident. Liability in a truck, motorcycle or car accident means who is responsible for the accident. There are a few situations where a car accident could be considered an act of God – usually as a result of a natural disaster. In Oklahoma, tornadoes might rarely blow a car off the road, or a sudden flash flood can sweep an auto away. Most auto accidents in Oklahoma are not the result of a natural disaster. Most are the result of somebody’s mistake – usually one of the drivers involved. A car accident attorney Tulsa drivers often seek out to recover crash related costs says liability is easy to determine in some collisions. If a motorist runs a red light and crashes into another vehicle, the car wreck is the result of the driver who broke Tulsa traffic laws. In some cases, maybe both drivers were at fault. If two cars were both driving with one wheel over the center line, maybe both drivers would be considered liable for the collision that results. That rarely happens. Other cases are more difficult to sort out. One driver might allege the light was green while another driver says it had already changed. In that case, a Tulsa auto accident attorney might seek out witnesses, or even try to get video information from nearby security cameras. Accident attorneys know, however that there are not always witnesses. Forensic evidence can provide clues about direction of travel, velocity on impact, attempts to apply the brakes or efforts to avoid a collision. All of those factors can help a auto and truck accident attorney in Tulsa prove liability under Oklahoma law. Tulsa car accident lawyers dedicate their careers to knowing how to prove liability in motor vehicle accidents. A skilled Oklahoma car wreck attorney can often make all the difference when there is a need to prove who is liable for an Oklahoma auto accident.