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Car Accident Involving a Police Officer

Police officials are on the highway as much (or even more) when you are. Officials hurry to crime moments along with other accidents, attempt to follow motorists which are driving carelessly, and patrol roads. Therefore it makes sense that typically a police officials could easily get inside a vehicle accident or two. Accidents of those types ranges from the parked vehicle incident to some full rear-finish collision.

Despite the fact that accidents concerning police cars aren’t uncommon, it’s frequently harder to file a lawsuit the condition whenever a officer is to blame. To get this done effectively, you will have to come with an experienced attorney in your corner additionally to understanding and following a correct and proper procedure – failure to do this may not strengthen your situation.

The Steps to consider

Just like any other vehicle accident, you need to get all of the right information immediately. The next should be noted:

Name from the officer

Any witnesses names

Street where accident happened


Description of incident

Make certain to obtain a copy from the police report, and try to call another patrol vehicle when any sort of accident happens – do not let the officials active in the crash to create up a study. Professionally request a completely independent analysis. When the officer who caused the collision must write down the report, make certain to obtain a copy from the report and make certain it offers the data that you would like it to incorporate.

More Information

With regards to being in an accident using the condition, it can be you to definitely prove that you weren’t to blame. Even when the incident appears apparent, it isn’t. You’ll have to prove that you weren’t driving carelessly, and this may be difficult to do – unless of course the car accident would be a rear-finish collision in a traffic light, it’s frequently harder to demonstrate that the accident wasn’t your fault when suing the condition.

You have to also file claims using the city if you’re trying to gather money for damages. Bear in mind you need to file this claim before you decide to attempt to sue the condition. When the claim isn’t filed, your suit may be tossed from court.


It’s not easy to gather money in the condition when any sort of accident happens. Additionally to police officials, you’ll be able to engage in any sort of accident with any condition vehicle including ambulances, fire trucks, school buses, and high equipment and machinery. In each and every situation, you should know three essential things:

1. Unless of course liability is very obvious, it can be you to definitely prove how the accident happened and who had been to blame.

2. You have to file claims using the city before you decide to attempt to sue the federal government.

3. Typically, you can’t sue an individual – you have to sue the town, county or condition.
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