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carpet and upholstery cleaning

This week we have been carpet and upholstery cleaning at a care home in warrington.

It’s a long time since we have actioned a carpet clean for a care home. Infact 6 years.

The reason for this is that care homes tend to clean their carpets themselves due to cost restraints, and the downside to this is that they operatives have no training at all.

This Care home we worked in covered 4 floors and was probably the size of a football pitch.

Our job was to action the best possible clean we could. The reason I say best was as quickly as we cleaned the carpets and upholstery, the patients, staff, trollies, spillages of food, drink, medicines were happened. At times we felt dejected. The care home had 100 patients who either had dementia or could not look after themselves.

The home had 25 bedrooms per floor which were of 12ft by 12 ft . In addition to this they home had two corridors, rest rooms, and a hub area.

On the initial inspection of the job the one thing which was prevalent was the smell.

We are dealing with human urine spillages, faeces, etc, which the cleaning staff at the carer home are not trained to deal with not were they using the correct chemicals.

The one positive we can give the care home is that they hoover all the time using Sebo vacuum’s which saved us a job.

The smell was a major issue on this job.

Area by area we applied an application to the furnishings which destroyed odour.

The product we used is very good and normally we apply this at a 1 to 15 ratio. The smell was that potent we decided to apply our product neat.

We also apply the product the walls as well.

After ten minutes to allow the odour killer to work its magic, we then applied the cleaning compound to the carpets, again a dwell time, and then started the extraction process.

Our machine was running at 400 psi with the heater on.

As we were working backwards we could still see water lines in the carpet. After another inspection we decided to check out the carpet cleaning machine the home used.

Surprise surprise, the machine was faulty. What their machine was doing was projecting the water in a fine line of water, instead of a spray.

Even after further agitation the marks were still visible.

I decided that the only way we could remove this was increasing the pressure on our water system which we did to 550psi. The carpets were of nylon construction so could handle the force of water.

After a couple of metres of the carpet being cleaned we then bonnet cleaned the area. The customer was getting two cleans for the price of one.

A few sample areas were cleaned at 600 psi, and this moved a lot of the lines but not all.

This work took us 1 week to action, and was hard work.

The outcome of this job has landed us a contract to clean their carpets and upholstery on a monthly basis.

Warrington Carpet Cleaners provide a full professional carpet cleaning and care service

This is the relaxation room. The carpets here had been cleaned by the in house cleaners. As you can see the difference as to what we can do.