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Carpet cleaning standards

Like any trade carpet cleaning has to be carried out the correct way, by a trained operative.

As example of tradesman.

Would you have a go at fitting replacement break shoes on your car if you were untrained.

There are many people claiming to be a carpet cleaner, or even an upholstery cleaner.

How do you trust their credentials? Qualified tradesmen always have an institutional accreditation certificate behind them to prove that they have achieved the desired standards for their said trade.

The same goes for carpet cleaners in Warrington.

Our personal all attended courses delivered by the ncca , and iicrc, and follow an experienced cleaner when in the field

These affiliations are the uk leading training schools. They have standards and don’t relinquish their certificates easily.

So what standards would your expect from warrington carpet cleaners.

As with all works a survey and quotation would be carried out.

The survey shows the operative what carpet or upholstery’s fibres are made from. Any stains. At this stage the customer would be advised if the stains are removable. The customer’s expectations are delivered.

The quotation advises the customer of

1/ Cost

2/ Length of time expected to complete the works.

3/ Drying times.

4/ Aftercare for the carpets and upholstery.


Unlike some companies, we try to attain the highest possible standards for our customers.

So how do we action our work.

When on site the first thing that we do is to hoover the carpet. The hoovers we use are of industrial standard and have rotating brushes.

The hoovering for a standard living room takes around ten minutes. The reason it takes a little longer than what the homeowner would do, we need to ensure that we lift all the grit, dirt from the carpets. The hoover suction power helps us lift all the items into the hoover and not the carpet cleaning machine.

Once we are satisfied that we have removed as much grit, dust etc. we then apply the correct mixture of our carpet cleaning product.

This is where our training helps us.


The application is sprayed to all areas of the carpet. The edges of the carpet are as important as is the natural walkways we use.

Once the chemical has been sprayed we then use an agitation machine. This helps is push the chemicals deep into the carpet fibres. Sometimes we may apply a second application if the carpet is heavily soiled.

At this point we also examine the carpet again to view any stains which may require additional work to help be removed.

Once the carpet has been thoroughly sprayed, agitated and re inspected we set up the carpet cleaning machine its self.

Normal carpet cleaning machines for the professional are set at around 300psim however in some instances this would be increased to 500.

Heat is a great help. Again, the normal or average heat level is 70 degrees, and again this can be increased to over 100 degrees.

The cleaning now takes place. Using the wand we move from right to left, and moving around 10 inches at a time. Every couple of feet we view the carpet to ensure we have removed everything.

Once the room is completed, the carpet is then combed to place the fibres in the correct place.

In normal instances the carpet will be dry within 2 hours. We can speed this up using air movers.

All equipment is removed the customer home and we ask them to sign our report. We also ask for a review.  Customer reviews are always helpful for the next customer to make a decision on using our service