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Signs in Astrology

Individuals are frequently worried about compatibility of astrology signs, when they stand an opportunity over getting with their friend or lover purely based on their astrology signs.

Now some astrology signs are compatible among one another, as the other medication is not.…

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Mars in the Vedic Astrology

The Mars or ‘Red Planet’ is recognized as the commander-in-chief among nine planets. It’s a hot, dry and male planet, also called the ‘God of War’. It’s the ruler of Aries and Scorpio astrology signs.…

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The Planet Sun in the Vedic Astrology

The Sun’s Rays may be the king within the planetary system, and signifies the daddy and also the male child within the natal chart. It’s the secondary signification for that husband, ruler from the Leo zodiac sign, and also the the almighty from the East direction.…

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