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How a certified counselor simplifies insurance for investors

Tim thought he’d encountered the deal of a lifetime when he bought a fixer-upper property for only $60,000 in an up-and-coming neighborhood. He invested $20,000 more into the property in renovations.

The home was unoccupied during repairs, and left completely alone between contractors. During that time, a tree blew over in a storm and damaged the house. When a new construction crew arrived the next morning, they found a window smashed in and some of Tim’s expensive renovations ruined. Without adequate vacant home insurance coverage, Tim was out of luck.

When it comes to your valuable investments, don’t get stuck in a nightmare situation like Tim’s. Insurance for investors does not have to be a headache of fine-print, unclear caveats, and inadequate coverage. You can completely avoid similar tragedies by consulting with a certified counselor to insure all of your investments, from rental homes, vacation homes, and real estate owned (REO) properties.  Insurance for investors doesn’t have to be complicated.

Vacant home insurance

There are a number of reasons to leave your home vacant; maybe you already moved out but have not yet sold the property, it’s undergoing renovations or repairs, or there’s an extended gap between renters. Whatever the reason, you don’t want to leave your home vulnerable. By securing your property with vacant home insurance, you can rest assured that your home is safe, no matter how far away you are.

Other properties

One easy way to save time and money on all your investments’ insurance policies is to bundle them together. APIA’s policy secures your investment throughout the entire time you own a property, including during renovations, sale, and/or rental periods. Most vacant home insurance options and other investor insurance policies charge a hefty interest fee, but APIA’s policy is no-interest, and you have your choice of many convenient payment options. APIA covers joint ventures, partnerships, and even corporations and trusts. Contact APIA for more information today; do not leave your valuable investment properties to chance.