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How to Choose the Right Employment Agencies in Austin

Sometimes when running a small business, we can run into situations that require help, but only for a limited time. For instance, at tax time there might be a need for an administrative assistance, or a retail shop might need more help during the holidays. Small businesses simply cannot afford to bring on a full-time staff member for such a short period. Hiring someone on a temporary basis is relatively easy, but to make sure you get the right talent in the door, you need to make sure you’re using the right job placement agencies. Here are some tips to help make that choice easier.

What do you need?

First you need to decide what it is that you’re looking for. Do you need someone to cover a simple data-entry job? Or perhaps some manual labor? It could be that you need a specialist in technology or design. Whatever the need, identify and then search for an agency that has a history of placing employees with those skills.

Not all job placement agencies are the same.

Employment agencies can vary in several ways. There are some agencies that are open to any kind of work from any kind of sector, while there are many that specialize in a particular field or sector. If you’re in need of an executive-level staff member, there are even job placement agencies that can provide help with that. Check around to see what options are out there. It could be that you end up wanting more than one agency to help with different types of jobs.

Past Clients

It’s never a bad idea to research employment agencies to see what they have to offer. Many will list their clients on their website, or will provide such a list upon request. You can also ask for references, and do not be shy about contacting those references. If the agency works with some well-known and reputable businesses and those businesses give you positive feedback about them, then you can be pretty sure you’re dealing with a quality agency.


You don’t necessarily want the agency that will quote the lowest cost for placements. It could be that they do not have high quality candidates because they don’t offer a good enough incentive. The key is finding a balance between agencies that aren’t too pricey but also aren’t too cheap.

Finding a high-quality temporary worker can be a great benefit for any business. Make sure you’re using the right job placement agency to find that perfect fit.