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Choosing Sober Housing In MN

I recently had the chance to speak with Tim Murray of St. Paul, MN. Tim has a great deal of experience in sober housing mn on both sides of the coin.


He was a resident for 3 years and went on to become the head of a sober living organization so who better to explain how sober houses work and what to expect and how to make the best of the experience.


Kyle: Welcome everybody to Five Stars Recovery Radio. I’m joined, again, today by Tim Murray of Trinity Sober Homes. Tim, welcome back. It was such a good kickoff episode. We had to have you come back.


Tim: It’s wonderful to be back, Kyle. Thank you.


Kyle: Yes. This show talks about ideas, concepts, issues relevant to the topic of recovery from drugs and alcoholism, and specifically how people out there might use this information to benefit their lives in recovery. Maybe their families can pick up some of this information and use it to help people in recovery as well.


I wanted to talk today specifically about sober housing mn. Can you give us just a little bit of background on how you came to be the director of sober living organization after having lived in one years before that?


Tim: Sure. I think that sober living, it can be a life-changing event. It certainly was for me. Most people, when they leave a treatment facility or when they make a decision to live a life free of drugs and alcohol, have to change new places and new faces. What I learned was that when I was at treatment, I had a counselor say, “Hey, Tim. Your profile looks like a typical profile of people we’ve seen in here. And the good news is you don’t have to ever take drugs or drink alcohol ever again. And in your case, you, like many, many others, you only have to change one thing.” Kyle, I bit hard on that. I leaned forward and the counsel looked at me and then whispered, “Everything.”