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Chopping Wood Safely

Cutting up of wood is an extremely strenuously laborious task, yet a proper and satisfying activity, besides as being a skilful and fun factor to complete. Because the old adage goes, “fire wood warms up you two times once when being cut and again when burning it”.

You will find several aspects to think about before securely and effectively dicing wood, whether wood, fire wood or split wood.

Many home proprietors are seeing involve coming back to cheaper causes of fuel considering the growing costs of gas and oil and fire wood is among the abundant and simply available assets that may be drawn on. Fire places and wood burning furnaces allow us more warmth-efficient systems making fire wood an attractable supply of fuel.

Locating the place to cut fire wood

For somebody living as near to character as you possibly can, the backyard and areas around a rustic home are perfect locations to source fire wood, for a lot of reasons. Trees, branches and twigs that fall lower in storms and winds offer easy fire wood simply because they provide easy ease of access and good supply so dead and fallen trees, which need to be disposed off.

Safety aspects

Fire wood cutting is really a task that requires lots of skill and one that will cause personal injuries or property damage.

When utilizing an axe to chop wood, you will find some simple aspects to bear in mind.

Keeping a great position and stance

Using splitting wedges to separate hardwood

Establishing a cutting up block

Selecting a secure location

Beginning gradually with a decent goal

Doing it by having an even swing

Continuously making way with the log

Using appropriate protective equipment like safety glasses, hearing protection, and appropriate clothing that doesn’t hamper any action

Getting a buddy or partner along for help just in case of emergency

Keeping a cell phone handy just in case of accident

Tools from the Trade

Wood cutting up involves various activities for example cutting logs and splitting wood. Probably the most helpful tool in cutting fire wood may be the chainsaw. Selecting the best type of chainsaw is dependent on certain things:

Gas Versus. Electric

Size saw


Extra tools required to split the wood range from the iron wedge, sledge hammer and also the splitting maul.

A computerized wood splitter reduces the requirement for manual splitting however it might be an costly proposition unless of course you will find large amounts of wood to become cut. This is among the important thing to remember. Make sure to use the best wood chopping axe.