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cPanel Linux VPS Hosting Recommendation

link: https://compevo.com/cPanel_Managed_VPS_Server_Plans-155-articles

There are a myriad of hosts out there but what truly sets them apart at the end of the day is the expertise and quality of service, and reliability of the host.  You can cross off many hosts (even big names) when talking about reliability, and even more when talking expertise and service is subjective but I do not like to deal with outsourced overseas support.  I’ve just wiped out over 80% of potential options and the usual suspects.

At the end of the day a blog owner just wants reliable, dependable service without having to worry about support issues, after all, it’s what I’m paying for (to not have the hassle of maintaining my own server).  compevo communications is the company that comes up over and over and comes highly recommended, despite not being a largely promoted company, they understand their niche well and cater to those who do their homework and have acquired and kept customers from many other web hosting firms.

compevo’s cPanel Linux VPS solutions are offered with and without the cloud, of course at different price points.  One thing compevo points out is that their Cloud is different in that it does not use centralized storage that have put so many others out of business due to it failing.

The thing about compevo is that it is not just a hosting company and this is where it comes in handy because they do all sorts of IT consulting.  They are not only experts in hosting servers but experts in many aspects of IT management, consulting, programming and support so they definitely have the expertise to deliver and potentially handle all of your IT work in-house.