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Current Tile Options

Choose modern porcelain tiles which have been produced with today’s technology. They appear good in almost any atmosphere, rustic, contemporary and traditional. Yet, you have to find those that suit the needs best. The bed room can use a wood look tile as the kitchen countertops can use the marble looks. The accent wall can use the brick design. The cotto look is super too.

Ample choices would meet any expectation. Porcelain is extremely durable and imagines the hardwood image printed onto it. Inkjet technology prints realistic images of wood textures without the cost and also the worry of contact with water. A review of a couple of more wonders!

Cream Livingstyle

Succulent and restful could be a description of the modern decor tile. Many sizes of the matte finish tile allow it to be very convenient.

Beige Livingstyle tiles

That one has designs inside a matte finishing. The big format classic look suits open layouts for connecting rooms with various color patterns.

Statuary Eden

This question reflects the feel of natural marble with the effectiveness of porcelain. Grey veins against a white-colored background suit accent walls and countertops, bathroom floors and tub surrounds.

Taupe Celeste

It appears warm like hardwood, with brown knots and grains against a taupe backdrop. Do the installation within the bed room together with hardwood furnishing and neutral shades of bedding.

Brickstone Ivory Porcelain

Mixing gentle whites with ivory, these tiles seem like recycled brick. Use it backsplashes and around fireplaces, getting intimate warmth.

Grigio Watercolor Porcelain

If you want soft grey matte finish tiles, this is exactly what you’ll need. Accent walls and countertops besides floors would glow in the warmth.

Bianco Watercolor

This tile combines white-colored and cream also it suits both neutrals and bold shades. Set them up to stunning effect around brass and steel fixtures on shower walls. If placed on floors, it matches neutral furnishing and dark cabinets look great.

Nero Turin Porcelain

Natural aging hardwood may be the classic aftereffect of this tile and porcelain brings the ability. The black and grey effect is effective within the wet areas around records, bathrooms, and laundries.

Bruno Upscape Wood-Look

Chocolates, if you want! Living spaces or kitchen floors, they appear wealthy and wholesome. Sufficiently strong to resist our prime traffic of records and mudrooms. Install inside a herringbone shape on accent walls and floors to draw in lots of attention.

Consider the brand new products page for additional. Most likely the fabric, stone and concrete look porcelains would appeal further.

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