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Cut the Cost: Cheap Moving Boxes

Moving is always stressful. Planning, organizing, and following through with a move is quite an endeavor, and most times is undertaken while working a job and fulfilling personal commitments. To make matters worse, bad things always seem to “conveniently” happen before or during a move. Luckily, the moving and shipping industry has shifted into the Ecommerce world and lifted some of the burden for movers by offering a variety of moving and shipping supplies that can be delivered to a customer’s home or office.


One of the best new ways for a mover to reduce stress is by purchasing cheap moving boxes and tape guns. In the past, the search for moving boxes was oftentimes as stressful as the move itself. Extreme measures such as searching abandoned warehouses and “dumpster diving” for used boxes have commonly been reported as a way to obtain cheap moving boxes. Today, such measures are no longer necessary. Movers can simply go online and search for a company that provides the boxes they want in relation to cost, quality, and convenience.




Ecommerce sites have created an adjustable pricing system for moving boxes. Prices are based off box size and often times are adjusted as the quantity of boxes ordered goes up in set increments. For example, EcoBox offers medium sized boxes for $1.50 per box at quantities of 1-14, $1.25 per box at quantities of 15-299, $1.21 per box at quantities of 300-599, and $1.20 per box at quantities of 600+. This system can help customers of all types save. In addition, the used/recycled box market has also increased customer savings. EcoBox customers can save up to 30% by going the used box route and can save an additional 15% if boxes are returned after use.





Quality boxes are important for movers. In the past, cheap moving boxes meant cheap quality. Today that is not the case as reputable Ecommerce companies always thoroughly inspect their boxes for cracks, damages, tears, and weaknesses before re-selling. Additionally, quality tape guns are now offered that take all of sticky work associated with tape rolls out of the equation.




Moving boxes of all varieties now exist and provide customers with the convenience of a box specifically created to fit common household items. EcoBox offers traditional boxes of the small, medium, large, and x-large types, as well as item specific boxes of the wardrobe and lamp types. Additionally, boxes for televisions, mattresses, and other large household items are available. As previously mentioned, tape guns also provide an added element of convenience.


In summary, quality moving boxes are now more accessible than ever. Customers simply search, purchase, pack, and tape while saving time, money, and stress.