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Deluded Mind

The gaming industry is about to encounter the most realistically disturbing game in the upcoming twisted and mind altering game—Deluded Minds. The horrors of a psychiatric institution gone wrong, is perfectly showcased in this creepy, heart pounding, puzzle-filled adventure in a mental ward. With the use of the state of the art graphic, ability to render display with the highest resolution possible, and the use of Unreal Engine 4 to tie it all up, every scene would give you the horrific realism that will completely scare you.

Deluded Mind opens up in the modern day world. An FBI agent named Dean Catrall, whose daughter was murdered as a retaliation for the things Dean have done to put down a notorious drug dealer. But despite of his loss, he continue to pursue the syndicate until he was able to acquire a warrant of arrest against them. With the help of his colleague, Robert Page, they stormed the drug dealers den, unknowingly pitted to an ambush set by a rat who work with them internally. With a graphically disturbing scene, they were quickly over run and disabled by the drug syndicate. And yet, the drug lord is not yet finished with Dean and the drug lord device an atrocious revenge to incapacitate Dean mentally and emotionally.

Dean was sent to an abandoned Hillstone asylum and left in a room alone. The gloomy scenery itself was well created. And after Dean slowly regain consciousness, he was able to deduce his environment and found a note signifying the location of his dear friend Robert. Also indicated on the note is the reason why he is still disoriented. Apparently, drug was administered with high dosage of hallucinogen that prevents him to identify and make sense of everything around him. His drug dilemma is gravely aggravated by the dark and eerie scenery of the asylum.  Even with his delirious condition, he persisted in saving his friend running around the asylum seeing multitude of graphically disturbing hallucination that his mind cannot comprehend.

Pyxton Studio releases the first video of the game last March 11, 2016 in YouTube with the same title. The video showcase the environmental rendition of both the well-organized room of Dean and the dark and highly dilapidated condition of the Hillstone asylum corridor and cell facilities. One noteworthy images in the video are the wall arts hanging next to each door of the asylum, significantly one that depicted an image of a hand holding a knife and the electronically locked cells. The last scene is a scene of a crib which leave everyone guessing what its significance would be.

Partnered with Epic games, the creator of Unreal Engine which is the most sought after application in building highly realistic 3D games. Deluded Mind is set to render your worst fear. The graphics is well drawn to provide realism in game. The story is immersive and would keep you reeling to stick with Dean to save his friend. Because of this, this game is not for the faint of heart and player discretion is highly advice.

Check it out at http://www.pyxtonstudios.com/.