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Different Kinds of iPhone 6 Case

You will find different types of apple iphone 6 situation available which could prolong the existence of the costly smartphone. The cost of the apple iphone is definitely very steep and knowning that value, you need to have the ability to apply it a lengthy time period. Remedy: you need to purchase a protection casing to ensure that your apple iphone 6 is guarded.

The different types of luxury situation for that apple iphone

The least expensive Apple situation you can purchase is all about $10. Sometimes it can go up to a few $ 100 based upon the style of the casing. Some has Swarovski deposits inside it. Many are simply silicone or rubber. Therefore it really is dependent on which apple iphone 6 situation you want. The cost from the casing is a mix of both function and elegance.


This may be a thin plastic or silicone phone situation that covers the entire unit to avoid it from chips and scratches. This type of casing preserves the sleekness from the mobile since it is not whatsoever bulky. But that’s all it may do. Take care not to drop it.

Perhaps you have seen the Naked by Slickwraps for apple iphone? It consists of military grade TPU and charges $18 only. Ultra violet-resistant and bubble-free, this situation is made to resist impact.


This apple iphone 6 situation is difficult, transparent if without jewelry or prints so they cover the rear and sides from the apple iphone 6. It’s not as durable like a full-proof casing however it can get the job done. Her inclination to interrupt with time but a minimum of your mobile is intact.

Incipio® DualPro® is really a $29 hard spend casing. It’s also a couple-piece interlocking device for optimum impact protection. But it’s a slim situation, unlike other 2-piece casings.

Wallet or Pouch

Many people would rather take their phone inside a pouch or wallet. A pouch casing is generally hung through the neck for simple access but there’s a sleeve-like apple iphone 6 situation too – for individuals who aren’t picky on design. The wallet situation is both a telephone holder along with a wallet simultaneously. It’s card and bill slots. Women may make use of this luxury situation than males. The only real disadvantage about this casing would be that the user needs to go ahead and take phone out each time she or he wants for doing things.

The Verus Sliding Wallet Situation is chic towards the metal (It features a metal-like finish). At $22, your phone is guaranteed like a baby plus there’s room for the money and charge cards. Other colors of the hard spend wallet situation are gold, silver, red-colored, black and yellow.

Outside or Sporty

This apple iphone 6 situation is perfect for individuals who’re doing area work or are sports and want their apple iphone 6 handy even throughout busy occasions. You can be certain this casing is durable: waterproof, snow proof, dust proof and crack proof. But it’s not really a luxury situation when it comes to look.

It’s bulky but a minimum of your phone is really protected. Have a look in the frÄ? casing produced by Lifeproof®. It’s all you need for that ultimate safeguarding of the phone.


This apple iphone 6 situation is stylish and elegant. Most entrepreneurs such as the leather casing because it safeguards the telephone very well and also the look is classy. (Apple features its own leather casing for $45.)


If you possess the funds for this, top quality or designer casing is yet another fashionable phone protector. Some are constructed with rubber, plastic, metal, faux leather and real leather. Based upon your mood, you are able to switch your designer casings anytime. Cute hard spend casings come from Kate Spade and Marc Jacobs. Some wallet/wristlet cases specified for by Michael Kors.

They are all of the different kinds of casing for that latest apple iphone 6. You may choose the one that will meet your needs and personality. Or purchase one all these apple iphone 6 situation or suppressors to fit your mood. Buy iphone 6 cases australia.