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Discover a Magical Photo Tour to South America

If I told you that there’s a spot in South America with amazing culture, landscapes, cuisine and one of the best wines in the planet, would you care to discover it ?

That region is not that far away, close to the Andes and some of the most cherished and value high-altitude wines in the world. An idyllic place for photography and photo tours where unique landscapes, amazing value, good infrastructure, excellent cuisine and a rich culture are the everyday program.

I’m talking of course of Argentina’s northwestern region with its magnificent locations for landscape, portrait and nature photography.

Maybe you’re not convinced of traveling to far lands, but believe when I tell you that a South America photo tour is a one of a kind experience to enhance your photography skills.
Argentina is known, around the world, as the capital of Tango. Its European influence is not only present in its music but in its culture and cuisine.

This is in gran part due to the European immigration during the early beginning of the twentieth century, which helped shape most of its heritage and cultural diversity.

Undiscovered Photography

The Northwest region of Argentina, Salta and Jujuy provinces, have a very drastic change in the climate and culture. Its semi-arid, somewhat semi-deserted climate, holds incredible valleys and ravines which provide spectacular landscape photography with its unique panoramas.

Because of its intrinsic landscapes, colors and textures, this journey is a favorite among photography professionals, hobbyist and enthusiast. The geological richness of these provinces, will enhance your artistic eye and enhance your craft to a new level. This journey is open to all levels of photographers alike and does not require of fancy and expensive equipment.

Culture and Cuisine

One of the key factors of this high-altitude region can be witnessed by the richness of its sunny, dry days during most of the year. This permits the production of quality high-altitude wines, favorite by internationally standards, and raved by connoisseurs around the world.
Our journey will allow you to experience amazing variety of wines from the region, and more particularly Torrontés, which has become the emblematic grape of the Salta province with is smooth, aromatic flavor with low acidity.

There are many opportunities for a photography tour on your path. Either by the unparalleled richness of its nature options or due to the unique characteristics of its landscapes, this is an experience to preserve and cherish for ever.