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Document Shredding Best Practices

Just about every business has to handle confidential and potentially sensitive information. Whether it’s client files, or credit card numbers, or health charts, this information must be handled securely and safely to avoid it getting into the hands of thieves and others who might want to do harm. So whether you work in a field traditionally known for needing privacy, such as the health field, or you work at a small business in Houston, you must practice proper document shredding. Here are some best practices to follow to keep that information safe.


Regular and Consistent Shredding

It is not a good idea to let documents and paper build up on your property before shredding it. The longer it sits around, the more at risk it is from thieves. Someone on your staff should be dedicated to making sure these documents are destroyed on a regular basis. If it will make things easier, then hire a local paper shredding company to work on a schedule to handle your document shredding for you. That way you won’t even have to think about it. Make sure that documents are destroyed as soon as possible after you no longer need them. That way they are out of your hands and out of danger.


Document Shredding Program

Every one of your employees must be trained regarding the importance of handling documents safely and securely. Even the staff who do not regularly access or use documents should be trained, since they may come across an insecure situation, such as papers that have fallen on the floor unnoticed. Create a company culture around the privacy of clients and staff so that everyone knows that destroying information is a priority for all, and not just for certain individuals. They should also be trained on the procedures your company has adopted for document shredding, whether that’s shredding documents in-house or promptly putting documents in a secure bin for shredding.


Hire Professionals

Using a professional may sound like a big investment, but in reality, it will pay off for you down the road. Assigning someone in the office to monitor and handle shredding duties takes them away from their regular duties, and therefore will cost your company time and productivity. A professional local paper shredding service in Dallas can handle all of your shredding needs, so that it is out of your hands and out of the hands of your employees. They can place a secure bin, or several, in your workplace so that staff only have to deposit their documents inside. Then the local paper shredding company will handle the rest.



Every industry has their own set of standards that must be followed to avoid penalties. There are also some state and federal laws that can apply as well. Make sure you are familiar with all of the laws and standards that apply to your industry so that you can have the best strategy for your document shredding. Non-compliance can mean fines and a loss of reputation for your business.


Keep it Green

Keep your business environmentally friendly. Shred before recycling, and keep sensitive documents out of the trash. Electronic data can even be destroyed and recycled, so you can avoid sending that to the landfill as well.


No company wants to deal with a loss of reputation or the legal ramifications of a breach in their information security. Make sure to follow these best practices to keep your company safe and compliant.