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Does phone tapping works? – for android and iphone

Back then when we had wired telephones, it was very easy to tap the conversation. One had to only  install a small device called ‘tap’ in the wires and the whole conversation would be either recorded in it or could be listened by the person interested. Those were the days when phone tapping was very common and could be done very easily.

Today in the world of wireless devices it’s a bit harder to listen through the signals. Unless you are a government body in which case the mass phone tapping is carried out at the base station, it very difficult for ordinary people to do such things.

And instead of phone tapping hardware, a software version called “phone tapping software” was introduced to spy and record phone calls from modern mobiles. So yes phone tapping does work with modern mobile phones. Today there are variety of mobiles available with most of them running on Android OS. And these spy softwares are more prone to Android devices rather than IPhone which is a difficult to break into.


Phone tapping apps are available easily online and can do all the tasks promised. There are numerous brands like mspy, mobile-spy and so on. Phone tapping is Legal only when the phone which is being tapped is owned by the person who is tapping it. For example it is totally legal to tap your child’s or spouse’s phone, provided you own it.

Some of these spy apps also do numerous other tasks apart from monitoring calls. Like for example a phone tapping app called mspy could also log all the character typed by the user, it can monitor chat messages from whatsapp, weechat and telegram without the users consent. Some of these apps require the phone to be rooted to perform all the tasks. For iPhone with jailbreak, the apps work the best while without jailbreak they are restricted to only few softwares.

Apple and Google have been trying to improve the security features of their respective OS so that they can block phone tapping applications, But as soon as there is a security update, the spy apps companies keep on improving their products for best suitable nature. Let us know what you feel about these spy apps, should it be totally legal or should be restricted to some groups of people.