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Dog walking: Tips on finding a good service when you’re short on time

You’ve finally admitted to yourself that your dog isn’t getting the daily recommended amount of exercise to keep him happy and healthy. Time is your worst enemy. You’ve come to the conclusion that hiring a service who offers dog walking would make your life much easier. Not to mention your pet would be much happier.


The big question is how do you choose between all the dog walking companies that are out there? The Chicago, IL area certainly has no shortage to choose from. It’s not a decision to be taken lightly as your four-legged friend is an integral part of your family. You can’t just trust anyone with his care.


Here are some tips to help you find the best dog walking service for your pet.



In the age of the Internet, it’s become so easy to find reviews on any service. Check the company’s social media sites and their website to see what people are saying about their service. Just remember though, online reviews aren’t always accurate, so it’s also important to ask around about certain services to see if anyone you know has had any positive or negative experiences with the service you’re considering.



The first thing you’ll want to know is what makes a service qualified to walk your dog? Have the dog walkers received any specialized training?  Do they have pet first aid? Are they insured and bonded? When most people think of dog walking, they don’t associate it with needing a special skill set. But when it comes to a family member you want to ensure that their safety is top of mind. Knowing that your dog is in the hands of a qualified dog walker will help put your mind at ease.



Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Interview the dog walking companies you’re considering. What kind of safety measures do they have in place for your pet should something happen? How many dogs are they walking at once? Do they ever leave the pets unattended? You get the idea. Feel free to ask as many questions as you feel necessary. The last thing you want is to leave your pet in the hands of a company you don’t trust.


Meet and Greet

It’s never a bad idea to have your pet meet the team or person that will be responsible for walking him. It’s important that all parties involved like each other.  Certain personalities may not mix well with your dog’s temperament, so it’s important to know that up front so you can make a fully informed decision.  For instance if you have an anxious dog, it will be important to find someone who is gentle and calm.


Whichever Chicago, IL dog walking service you end up choosing, the most important thing will be to look for a company that truly has your dog’s best interest at heart. If you get a genuine sense of that, then chances are you’re on the right track.


At the end of the day, as long as you do your due diligence things will work out. Just remember, the goal is to find a reputable company to care for your pet. The same as you would if you were hiring a babysitter for your child. Your pet is family and finding him a good walking service should be top priority. A happy pet makes for a happy household.