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The Do’s and Don’ts of Online Marketing

Gone are the days when your business can reach its full potential with a simple clever billboard, or even a great sign on the shingle. Nowadays to be successful you need to have an online presence that not only advertises your business, but builds your brand. You must have an online marketing strategy that includes several building blocks to be able to stand out from your competition and reach the customers you want to reach. Here are some online marketing do’s and don’ts to help you get results.


Do: Write and Produce Good Content

A big part of internet marketing revolves around search engine rankings. In particular, Google search results are the ones you want to target. Google has a search algorithm that weighs several factors to determine ranking. One of those factors is whether the content of the site is relevant to those who would visit it. That means your website content can’t be nonsense with a few keywords mixed in. The content on your site should be interesting and engaging to the people you want to reach. The more engaging, the more likely it will be that those potential customers will find something to hook them. Your page descriptions must also match what’s on the page, so if people search for particular products, for instance, they will be led right there. If you don’t have the time to write good content, or simply don’t have a way with words, it would be a good investment to hire a copywriter to help.


Don’t: Overdo it With Keywords

You certainly need to use keywords to make sure that your site shows up in relevant searches, but too often online marketing uses keywords too much. Cramming keywords into your content won’t always get you the best results because Google has been known to penalize companies that overdo it. The algorithm will sometimes categorize such content as spam. If your written content is good quality, then a few well-placed keywords will do the trick. The key to keywords is quality over quantity, so it’s important to find a good balance.


Do: Sign Up With Local Business Directories

Even though so much shopping is done online, there is still a lot of business that is strictly local. If you have a brick and mortar business, you’ll want your local customers to find you when they search. That means you must be signed up with online local business directories. These will help your site’s ranking, and also potentially place you on the map pack, which is where many surfers will look first when trying to find a store. If you’re in San Antonio and you sell widgets, you want to show up in directories when someone searches “Widgets San Antonio”.


Don’t: Be Afraid of Social Media

They used to say that the best advertising is word of mouth. That tenet still absolutely applies, even though we’re in a more digital world. Social media is essentially word of mouth. If you are able to harness the power of social media to generate others sharing your content and talking about your product or brand, you’ll be in great shape for success. The more that people can engage with and talk about your brand, the better.


If you have a business in San Antonio, no matter what type, you need to have a strong Internet marketing strategy. These do’s and don’ts will give you a good base to get started on your path to success.