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The Eclipse Micropen: What It Is and How It’s Used

There have been many advances in the field of skin revitalization throughout the years. As technology evolves, so do the techniques and equipment. One of the most important recent advances is microneedling, which involves making small micro injuries in the skin that activate natural healing mechanisms to improve skin condition. The Eclipse Micropen makes the entire process possible. Here’s what you need to know about it.

What is the Eclipse Micropen?

A micropen is the instrument that dermatological technicians in San Antonio use to perform the microneedling procedure. It’s a small “pen” that has many needles to form the tip. It glides over the affected area of skin quickly and safely. Additionally, it’s wireless, making it easy to reach any skin surface without difficulty. An Eclipse Micropen is much safer than older skin care instruments, like lasers and dermal rollers, which can cause skin irritation, rashes, and other issues.


The Eclipse Micropen features a safety cartridge that is sterile, and of surgical grade. This means it’s safer and gentler on the skin than other instruments used for this process. It also has a high-speed motor so it can move quickly across the skin. This creates a more comfortable and easier microneedling experience for clients. The pen position is also customizable, since everyone’s skin is different. This means that the pen can be varied to provide the best treatment and results possible.

What is Microneedling, Anyway?

Microneedling is the process of puncturing the skin with tiny needles to create a small skin injury. Despite how it sounds, it’s relatively painless and minimally invasive. By creating these tiny wounds, it triggers the skin to create new elastin and collagen, which produce the firmness and texture of the skin, making it look and feel better. This is an effective treatment for many common skin problems, like scars, large pores, and stretch marks. With any surgery, there are risks, so microneedling is a great way to get results without having a surgical procedure.




What’s Involved In the Process?

First, the skin is thoroughly cleaned and dried. Microneedling works best on clean skin. Then the technician will place a gel to the area. This gel lubricates the skin and allows the Eclipse Micropen to easily glide across the skin. While it’s gliding, it’s also creating those micro-wounds that will heal up and leave your skin looking and feeling better. Usually you can see results in about 30 days, and it will only improve with more treatments until your practitioner deems the process to be finished. This usually takes four sessions or so.

Are there any downsides or risks?

The only downside might be that your skin may turn red and be swollen during the needling and for a day or two after. It’s almost as if you have a sunburn, as your skin might peel a little as well. This is normal, as the skin peeling is a sign of healing. If you go out in the sun, you should moisturize your skin and use a sunscreen of SPF 30 or greater, as it will be sensitive.

So there’s everything you need to know about the Eclipse MIcropen and microneedling. Try them out if you’re looking for a non-invasive way to get rid of a frustrating skin issue.