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All Eyes on Hurricane Mathew in Light of Titans/Dolphins Game

The world has been awash with news of the progress being made by Hurricane Mathew. The Hurricane finally made landfall in Haiti on Tuesday in the morning, and all conversations about football and NFL picks have slowly begun to fade in the wake of the Hurricane.

A lot of concerns about safety have been raised; some people believe that Haiti is so far off that they might not understand what all the fuss is about. However, the State of Florida could just as easily fall prey to this weather phenomenon. For this reason, the authorities are keeping a close eye on the situation, ready to act in case an emergency unfolds.

Because so much emphasis is being placed on the safety of anyone that might be in the path of the Category 4 storm, the Titans/Dolphins Match in Miami is in a very uncertain position, and some people believe that it could be moved.

Of course, no one is really crying over the Titans/Dolphins game right now; after all, the people in Haiti are facing a real crisis at this moment and it only makes sense to prioritize their suffering, even in thought, over the potential postponement of a game.

According to Dolphins CEO Tom Garfinkel, there is still a lot of uncertainty surrounding the Titans/Dolphins game; at the moment, the plan seems to be to simply wait and see what happens in the next few days, closely observing the progress of the storm and making changes as developments occur.

Everyone involved is prepared to react at a moment’s notice, though the information is still a little scarce. At the present, there is no way of determining whether the Hurricane will even impact Florida and how it might approach the State. The National Hurricane Center encouraged Florida residents to remain alert, none the less.

They released an advisory saying that, while it was still unclear whether the Hurricane would strike Florida, the threat to Florida and the Southeastern U.S Coast had to be taken seriously, especially in light of what was happening in Haiti.

Florida Governor Rick Scott didn’t take any chances and chose to declare a state of emergency, determining that the state needed to be on high alert if the Hurricane became the threat the National Hurricane Center expected.

For those numerous individuals that do not really understand the danger this storm poses, Hurricane Mathew is a Category 4 Hurricane. This means that it is a life-threatening weather phenomenon that has the potential to devastate the state.

If the Hurricane actually impacts Florida, Rick Scott says that the destruction that will result will be on a level that hasn’t been seen since Hurricane Andrew made landfall in 1992, leaving Miami-Dade country in ruin.

For this reason, the state cannot afford to be caught unaware. The concept of moving games isn’t anything new. The Bills and Jets had a game in 2014 that was moved to Detroit in reaction to a massive snowstorm.

The league hasn’t really said much about what it would do if it was determined that the Titans/Dolphins game had to be moved. It is also unclear where the game would be moved to.