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French Wine from the experts

Right from the Roman times the French are noted and still are the largest wine producers in the world. The secret behind this is the terroir and the climate along with the rich history and culture. This makes them to go to destination for the best quality of wine.


There are many grape varieties that are found in France. The region from which the grapes are produced and the kinds of the grapes that are produced all help to determine the quality of the wine to get. There is wide range of selection including Champagne, French White Wine, French Red Wine or French Dessert Wine.


For easier understanding, these wines come with tasting notes from the professional wine experts; this indeed makes the wine selection quite easy. When it comes to buying French wine the option will be to go in for the vintage, which is rare and exclusive.



When a person wants to buy French Wine, it is important to know where it is produced as this will help in determining the quality of the wine. Wine is produced throughout France; there are 2 main things that one should be aware about when it comes to French wine.


Terroir – This is linked to the style of the wine to the specific location, which depends on where the grapes are grown and where the wine is made. There are set of appellation rules which closely watches the grape varieties that are used in the wine making



One of the main things that one should be concerned when they are to buy French wine online is the quality. The French government has many strict laws when it comes to the quality of the French wine. The French law divides the wine into four categories.

  • Vin de Table – These kinds of wine mention only the producer and the designation that it is from France.
  • Vin de Pays – These kinds of wine will specify the region from which the wine is produced. The wine is produced for the analyses and the tasting to get the certifications.
  • VinDelimite De QualiteSuperieure – These kinds of wines are less strict than the other two and are used only for smaller areas. This category was abolished in the year 2011.
  • Appellation d’Origine Controlee – This is the wine from any particular area and has many other restrictions. This will also include the grape variety and the wine making methods.


Wine Styles

There are many styles of wine which are commonly used. This will include red, rose, white, sparling and fortified. All these have very cheap and simple versions to the most expensive versions. Only the fortified wines are popular in the region of France. It is also important to understand that some of the wines are meant for immediate consumption some meant for cellaring. There are few fines that are meant to be served only with food.


Grape Varieties

There are various grape varieties that are grown in the region of France. This has also be copied and grown in various other regions all over the world. One should be able to understand that the variety of grapes are particular to the region to which they are grown. There is no variety of grapes that is commonly grown throughout the region of France. This makes the wine from France the best in all aspects.