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The Most Frequently Asked Document Shredding Questions

Shredding paperwork and destroying sensitive and confidential information is an intimidating task. Whether you run a business or just have many old boxes stored in your attic, getting rid of those documents safely can be overwhelming. Luckily, there are local shredding services that can help take care of your document shredding and make life easier on you. There are many questions that people who have not worked with these services may have. Here are a collection of the most common of those questions.


Why do documents need to be shredded?

One of the first questions asked is why should these documents be shredded in the first place. The fact is, there are many reasons for document shredding. For one, depending on the industry in which you work, there may be legal responsibilities that you have to comply with. You do not want to leave your business open to legal repercussions. On a practical level, document shredding can help free up space in your workplace that can be used for other things, or you can reduce costs if you are paying for off-site storage.


What documents need to be shredded?

This is an important question that every company that needs to shred documents should be asking. There are certain types of documents that by law have to be kept for specified periods of time. You should check with your local shredding services, as they can advise you as to what can be shredded and how it should be stored prior to shredding. Anything else that’s made of paper that you may not think of shredding may have personal information on it as well. Magazines with address information and packing receipts are among those items.


Can We Use Our Office Shredder?

You may think your workplace is doing its proper due diligence by using your office shredder, but the truth is you probably aren’t. Most office shredders that you can purchase at a local office store do not destroy the documents to a point where the data is no longer retrievable. Local shredding services have industrial strength shredders that can completely destroy the documents and the information stored on them.


Is there any preperation involved?

You do not have to do much to prepare your documents for shredding. Paperclips and staples can be left on the documents for the shredding service to handle. The documents also don’t need to be organized or sorted either. They can simply be tossed in the receptacle and the shredding service can handle the rest.


What Is The Shredding Process?

In most cases, your document shredding can be handled by a mobile shredding service. Shred bins can be placed in your workplace, and all your workers have to do is deposit documents into the bin. The shredding service will then come and pick it up. This can be on a regular schedule or you can call when it is full. You can certainly have more than one bin to make it convenient for everyone in the office to discard their documents for shredding.


What Other Services Do They Provide?

One of the biggest and most important services that mobile shredding companies provide is hard drive shredding. In our digital world, more and more information is being stored on computers. When you are finished with a computer, a service can come and destroy your hard drive so that the data can never be recovered.


Hopefully this quick guide has answered any questions you might have about using a professional shredding service. If you have sensitive information, contact a shredding service to meet your needs.