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Rockstar HACKED! – GTA 5 money cheat hits the web

gta_5_money_cheat01The new GTA money glitch is currently being patched on by Rockstar so players seeking to up their cash through this exploit need to do it quickly. The hack is still active and can be found here.

Another GTA 5 cheat has hit the web for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC versions of the game. The newest hack to be announced online allows players to add any amount of money they want to their in-game money; those who have already used the hack are pouring money straight into the game and then into buying the material goods they’ve always wanted. The GTA 5 money glitch is yet another piece of work from the infamous hackers, aXXo and R4z3r.


Planes, boats and tanks are quickly filling up the online world of GTA, as players accounts are quickly loading up on the cash. This won’t last forever. Rockstar are usually very good at patching out hacks and cheats in the game while cracking down hard on those players using cheats in the online mode. However, Rockstar is having some problems getting hold of those players using the hack due to the sheer numbers of players using it; instead the ban focus seems to be on players cheating it huge amounts of cash while they race to fix the hole in the wall.


A full link to the GTA unlimited money glitch website is at the end of this post for those who want to check it out or see it work in action before the glitch is removed from Grand Theft Auto 5. How long this website will remain available is unknown as Rockstar are no doubt trying to bring the site offline or to have it blocked while they fix the issue that the GTA money cheat is exploiting. The website provides detailed instructions on how the glitch works and it requires users to download an application on any computer; then the software hacks into the game and gives any amount of money a player wants. However adding too much money in an account will flag it to the GTA 5 staff at Rockstar so players using the GTA 5 money hack need to limit the amounts they add at once.


From the previous money cheats and hacks we know that Rockstar only removes the money and not what is bought with the money meaning that all players who have used the hack are able to keep whatever they’ve bought due to the unlimited money hack; Rockstar will no doubt sweep the online accounts once they’ve fixed the glitch and remove large amount of money from the accounts of players.


Get it while it still works: http://gta5moneycheat.net/