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Habits That Leave Your Confidential info at Risk and How Secure Shredding Services Can Help

Millions of records are stolen, lost, or leaked every day from businesses and organizations. Storing and using confidential data may be vital to your business, but it’s important to take extreme care of that information. There are technological solutions to help with this, but often it all boils down to the people who handle that info. Bad security habits are a big reason why this data gets loose. Avoiding these habits, along with using options such as secure shredding services, can help keep data secure. Here is a list of some of those habits, so that you might be able to identify and correct them in your workplace.


Leaving Desks Cluttered

All too often, confidential information is left out in the open on staff desks at the end of the day. In fact, even during the day that information can be at risk if the employee leaves their desk to go to the bathroom or lunch. Paper shredding companies will tell you that it’s vital to keep paper away in filing cabinets and drawers. A company-wide clean desk policy, as well as cleared screens and bulletin boards are crucial to keep data secure.


Working in Public irresponsibly

Thieves, if anything, take their opportunities where they can get them. If you’re working with data that should be secured in public on a laptop, there is always a chance that the information could be viewed over your shoulder or when you get up to use a restroom. Devices can be outfitted with privacy screens. Your laptop should also have password protection, and you should bring it with you when you get up from your spot. When you no longer have use for your  laptop and you’re ready to get a new one, make sure a hard drive shredding company gets the hard drive so that the information stored on it is completely destroyed.


Using the Blue Box

Recycling is of course an important part of protecting our environment, but the blue box is not the place for paper containing private information. There are paper shredding companies that can provide secure shredding services to handle that type of paper securely. They follow all standards and regulations and can make sure there is a secure chain of custody. Hiring this type of service is one of the best ways to prevent data leakage.


Stocking Old Computers

All too often, when computers are no longer needed, their memory is wiped and they are placed in a storage area, sometimes not even under lock and key. Even if the memory is wiped, however, that doesn’t mean the information can’t be retrieved by resourceful thieves. Hard drive shredding is the best way to ensure the information can never be retrieved again. Make sure if you have any old computers left sitting around that you put them through a hard drive shredding process to protect that data.


Easy Passwords

Using your dog’s name, or your mother’s maiden name, might make passwords easy to remember for you, but they can also make it easy for others to crack. The best passwords are random, and have numbers, special characters, and have upper and lower case letters.


Don’t fall victim to bad habits. The good habits, along with using secure shredding services will ensure that the data your business handles will remain safe and secure at all times.