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Hospital waste management made easy with licensed medical waste companies

As mandated by the federal government, every hospital needs to properly dispose of its biohazard waste. Medical waste encompasses a wide variety of potentially contaminated materials, from used latex gloves to syringes. These items present a number of health hazards, not only to patients, staff, and visitors, but also to the general public and the employees of the waste removal companies.

Though an essential service, proper waste disposal doesn’t have to disrupt a hospital’s other daily functions. By utilizing licensed medical waste companies to remove hazardous materials, hospitals can ensure the safe, comprehensive, and efficient removal of waste as often as they need it.

Why licensed hospital waste disposal is essential

Medical waste can contain harmful microorganisms which can risk infecting visitors, staff, patients and the public. According to the World Health Organization, the many health risks associated with medical waste and by-products include radiation burns; sharps-inflicted injuries (such as those from syringes); and poisoning, contamination, and pollution from pharmaceuticals, wastewater, or heavy metals like mercury.

Besides the milder communicable diseases like cold and flu viruses, improperly stored and disposed medical waste can also risk spreading contagious chronic diseases and viruses, such as HIV/AIDS. If a person with an already compromised immune system is exposed to even trace amounts of these particles, they can contract the disease.

Injuries and illness can largely be prevented through thorough staff training and the proper disposal of waste. Unlicensed companies have not been rigorously audited to ensure their practices are in line with federal and state mandates. Don’t risk the disastrous consequences of improper hazardous waste disposal by trusting an unlicensed company; the risks are too high.

Luckily, it’s easy to eliminate these needless risks by employing trusted companies like MedSharps.

Hospital Waste Management Services

Hospital waste management is easy when you trust a company that utilizes a series of regulated procedures in compliance with Texas laws, ensuring the competence of each staff member. While safety is MedSharps’ top priority, you can also count on them for discrete services which won’t interfere with other operations central to hospital functioning.

MedSharps also offers 24 hours, 7 days per week on-demand access to all customer medical waste reports and analysis results. A licensed medical waste company, MedSharps has been working for hospitals in the state of Texas for many years.

Every hospital serves diverse populations with differing needs. Aware of this, MedSharps offers a comprehensive range of services tailored to each location’s demands. Visit their website today for more details about the services they can provide.