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How Can a Digital Kanban Boards Change Your Life?

To borrow from Web parlance, the digital kanban boards is “trending”. You may have recently discovered “kanbanery,” or you may have used it offline for years. Either way, practicing this Japanese style of project management can be easily done online with tools like Trello or Kanbanize.

Wait! Kanbanery?

Briefly, this Japanese practice moves individual tasks that are part of a project from one column to the next until completed. The columns might be labeled “To Do,” “In Progress,” and “Completed.” A kanban board might have three columns or several.

Who Uses Kanban Boards?

The natural assumption that a “project management tool” would be used by project managers makes sense, but the practice of kanban is very flexible, especially online. All sorts of people use kanban tools on the Web.

What Can this Type of Project Management Tool Do for You?

If you adopt digital kanbanery, you might find:

You gain focus
You work fast
You work smart
You adapt to adversity more quickly
You understand a project’s individual tasks more clearly
You lose stress

With this type of project management, all projects become truly manageable.

What Sorts of Projects Can Be Managed through Digital Kanbanery?

As an example of this type of tool’s versatility, consider the ways in which people use Trello, which include:

To manage business expansion
As a CRM tool for sales and customer service
For task lists
To plan corporate events
As a wedding planning tool
To manage jokes and bits in a stand-up comedy act

Everyone from salespeople to aspiring musicians can benefit from these tools.

Are They for Individuals or Groups?

Most digital kanban tools include settings for group sharing. This helps sales forces stay on the same page, and it can enable a band to co-manage booking.

What Companies Make Digital Kanban Boards?

A great company that produces the best boards in this growing space is:


As kanban becomes more popular, new players will surely enter this “game”.

Which One Is Right for You?

Many of the above titles offer free trials or limited-access accounts. Try several, and decide for yourself which digital kanban boards you like best!