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How Can My Skin Benefit from a San Antonio Dermatologist?

The largest organ of the human body is the skin. Due to its wide surface area, it can suffer from many different types of diseases. It would be unusual to find a human who doesn’t have some sort of skin condition at least some point in time. The skin is not only exposed at the surface, but actually extends several layers below, protecting the underlying structures of the body. Many skin conditions can be managed successfully at home, but often it can be time to concede defeat and visit a San Antonio dermatologist.


The epidermis is the topmost portion of the skin. There are no blood vessels here, but four different types of cells. There are many different structures within the skin, including hair, sweat and oil glands. There are five different layers of the epidermis, leading down to the dermis. This is composed of three different regions.


It’s no surprise that with such a complicated structure, that the skin can suffer from a variety of skin conditions. Childhood illnesses can cause skin irritation. Teenagers suffer from acne, which is a form of bacterial infection. People of all ages can suffer from allergies that cause hives and rashes. There are a variety of forms of eczema, psoriasis, and contact dermatitis. At one point do you decide that you need to contact a San Antonio dermatologist for help?


A dermatologist is a doctor or medical expert who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases. This also includes hair and nails. You may be referred to a dermatologist by your medical doctor, as there are additional years of education required for this specialty.


Generally, the best way to determine whether your skin can benefit from a dermatologist is whether your skin condition has worsened over several weeks’ time. Is the skin on exposed regions of your body, such as face, hands, or arms, starting to look red or inflamed? Is your condition no longer manageable with at home remedies or over the counter medications? Then it may be time to see a dermatologist.


A dermatologist has the expertise to accurately diagnose your skin condition, regardless of its severity. Cosmetic dermatology focuses on how your skin looks, while medical dermatology assists with skin conditions.


Skin treatments may vary from laser surgery, regular surgery, to topical ointments and creams, to prescription medication, and to even special cosmetics to cover up acne scars or rosacea.


It’s important to book an appointment today with Ochs Dermatology, particularly if you’ve had any lingering skin conditions for more than a month. Dr. Robert Ochs will provide a diagnosis and the best treatment plan to ease your discomfort and have your skin looking great once again.