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How to apply skin exfoliate properly

Dead cells can make your skin look old and dull and these cells sometimes need proper effort to wash off from your skin. Ingredients like beta hydroxyl acid and alpha hydroxyl acid along with an exfoliating agent will leave your skin look fresh and smooth. However, you must know proper ways to use an exfoliating agent properly in order to achieve best results. You may also want to check out buffet table lamps.

Our skin is renewing itself on constant and regular basis which result in renewed skill cells to develop and old skin cells to fall off. An interesting fact about our skin cells is that out body is making 30000 to 40000 new cells every minute. This process goes on in our entire life but there is something which you need to do about it.

Dry skin and aging will stop your skin cells from falling off which results in a dull looking skin with uneven and darker complexion. This may also results in clogged pores and acne even in adults. A regular and careful use of skin exfoliates will make your dead cells to shed off and skin to look much better. There are two main types of skin exfoliating and below is their description along with the suitable skin type.

Mechanical skin exfoliating:

This exfoliating causes your dead skin cells to wash off with the help of mildly rough substances. Facial scrubs and skin cleansers having tiny rough particles can be used as exfoliating agents in this process. This process uses friction to make your dead skin cells fall off as you have to message these substances over your skin.

These are the skin exfoliates which you will find readily available in market and different drug stores. These substances do not only remove dead skin cells but also the debris in clogged pores therefore they are good for oily skin and acne on your skin. But you have to be careful in using these agents as they can cause serious irritation.

You must know that using scrubs is just like sanding off the outer skin cells of your skin. Some products may contain particles which are too rough to cut your skin. This is the reason that dermatologists suggest you to use these substances gently.

Chemical skin exfoliating agents:

These are the substances which use gentle acids in order to dissolve the bounding between your dead cells and outer skin layer which prevent them from falling off. There are two types of chemical skin exfoliating agents available in market. First are the alpha hydroxyl acids and second are beta hydroxyl acid.

The alpha hydroxyl acid contains some extractions from different fruits and they are good for dry and thickening skin types. Beta hydroxyl acids are also derived from fruits. You can also consider them as alpha hydroxyl acids which have oil soluble agents. These exfoliating agents are good for acne skin and oily skin.