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How to lose weight fast with TeaNow Black Green Tea

TeaNow announces major innovations in green tea, and a product eagerly expected to rocket to success. While green tea has gained some ground in the past decade or so, many people have remained staunchly loyal to coffee. Others have embraced new energy drinks, despite the often-mentioned health risks of over-indulging in these. But TeaNow Black Green Tea will please tea-drinkers and non-tea-drinkers alike, with convenience, health benefits, fat-burning properties, and most of all, great taste! Buy TeaNow Black Green Tea, the ultimate green tea extract to boost metabolism and lose weight.


healthy green tea cup with tea leaves
healthy green tea cup with tea leaves

TeaNow drinkers can help themselves to a convenient cup by simply adding the water-soluble tea powder to hot or cold water. Convenient to take to work, to the gym, or anywhere else, it beats spending time waiting for water to boil and tea to brew the old-fashioned way.


Jam-packed with anti-aging compounds and metabolism boosters, TeaNow will not only improve health and vitality, but it will do it much faster than regular green tea would do. One cup of TeaNow is comparable to 5-8 cups of ordinary green tea. Additionally, it does so without overloading the user with a large dose of caffeine.


Only organic, premium quality ingredients are used in this amazing beverage. The concentrated green tea base is complemented with a special balance of white and black tea, Goji berry, Bilberry, grape seeds, and Acerola cherries. NO artificial ingredients or sweeteners have been added, yet the taste is far superior to that of regular green tea or—needless to say—black coffee!


“I love this tea so much and I recommend it to everyone!” states Sam Page, a happy TeaNow customer.


And what’s not to love? We all want to lose weight, and TeaNow’s antioxidants such as EGCG are enhanced 500% to speed up metabolism as well as fight the aging process. Consumers are strongly urged to discontinue drinking “sugar water” (soft drinks) whether real sugar or artificial chemical sweeteners are used. Either variety is detrimental to the body, and every day, more people face the fact that just because we have drunk sodas all our lives does not mean that they are healthy or even safe.


It’s time to make a switch to a new “go-to” beverage, and what could be a better choice? Great hot or cold, convenient, affordable, and GOOD FOR YOUR BODY, there is no better beverage than TeaNow! Buy TeaNow Black Green Tea, the ultimate green tea extract with extra-strength green tea antioxidants.