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Identity theft in the tech age: Why hard drive shredding is essential to security

No business, nonprofit, organization, or administration wants to risk identity theft. Years ago, identity theft protection was relegated to paper shredding. While that service is still important, the modern economy is now largely run by online servers and local hard drives, where sensitive information can be vulnerable to hackers in other ways.

Picture this: John works for Company X, but the opportunity of a lifetime in another city warrants his leaving the company. On his last day, John turns in his company-owned laptop, keys, and cleans out his desk. IT support is swamped with other work this time of year, so they delay wiping the hard drives of unused computers, leaving sensitive information like financial details, internal emails, and social security numbers vulnerable to theft. When an ill-meaning disgruntled IT employee leaves soon after this, he takes the unsecured hard drives with him.

The federal government, all too aware of these risks, addresses their many disastrous effects every day. However, in this rapidly evolving era of technology, many anti-theft organizations struggle to stay ahead of cutting-edge hackers who are always developing the next virus, malware, or method of breaking into weak servers and compromised hard drives.

For these and other reasons, recycling outdated hard drives or storing unused ones fails to protect a company’s valuable information. In order to help safeguard companies and organizations, the federal government has developed 40 mandates providing all businesses and many financial institutions with the necessary guidelines to ensure the security of their valuable information.

Luckily, hard drive shredding services are readily available and affordable even for micro businesses. Hard drive shredding is a straightforward way to be a diligent custodian of your business or organization’s important data.

Hard drive shredding made easy with local shredding service

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