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Instant Pot IP-DUO60 – Best electric pressure cooker

I have a wonderful experience with this Instant Pot DUO pressure cooker. All of its functions are amazing, it is perfect for making soup, rice, meat, vegetable, risotto, and a lot of other healthy dishes for your family. Not only it will prepare for your family a full-nutrition meal, it is also take less time to finish those meals. Just imagine that you have worked and have been exhausted for a long day, and you want to start dinner as fast as it could be, this Instant Pot is a perfect choice for you because it just take 40 minutes or less for all the main courses. It includes all the functions you might need to cook, ranging from cook, steam, sauté, brown and warm. It is thrilled as it also has the function to make yogurt, so your family could also have a delicious dessert, too.


I used to feel very scared of pressure cooker, so I had read the manual very carefully before I started to cook. I have to say that the manual was very helpful and makes the Instant Pot DUO pressure cooker become user-friendly. It even has a suggested trial run for you to familiarize with the very basic one. I was astonished at how easy it is to make a meal although I was not good at cooking. All you need to do is put the raw material in the pot, add the seasoning and the liquid or some other ingredients at you like, start the pressure cooker option, and then wait for about 20 minutes, and your meal is ready to eat, how wonderful! And the best part, the food tastes awesome, meats are tender, rice was cooked well, veggies are amazing. I strongly recommend this Instant Pot DUO pressure cooker to anyone looking to time efficient cooker and want to have a healthier eating habit.


Another feature that make me love this Instant Pot DUO pressure cooker is that it does not heat up the kitchen’s atmosphere. The last thing you want is to make your kitchen hot, so this Instant Pot DUO pressure cooker barely changes your kitchen temperature. Moreover, this pressure cooker is very easy to clean since it is nonstick, you can easily clean up by hand or in the dishwasher, so it is great that you do not have to constantly clean it after cook.


With Instant Pot DUO pressure cooker, you can pursue a healthy and balance food regimen, and that is a part of a successful lifestyle. This pressure cooker will help you to invest in your family’s health and happiness with less time-consuming.


Additionally, it is very durable, it is going strong for years. The exterior is stainless, the inner pot is a 3-ply, food grade stainless steel, it is coated with nonstick material that can avoid chemical coatings. The Instant Pot is one of the best pressure cookers with 10 Safety Features and built to North American Electrical Standards. It is safe for all of the family members with the fingerprint resistant, so it will minimize any risk when any curious little hands want to touch the cooker.


In short, if you want a faster, smarter, safer cooker and a healthier lifestyle, just go for this Instant Pot DUO pressure cooker.